Ibuki Player Guide (book)

Download the FREE bookfor Unblockable set-ups; Kazegiri follow-ups; Frame-data; MORE Advanced Combos; Yoroitoshi applications; punishing with Ultra Combos; and many, many more.

The 40-minute video accompanying the guide has been re-uploaded to another channel:

The guide was officially released on CrossCounter LIVE Feb15 2010


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79uFYqfOTqc SKIP to 11:20

---- Rev.2 has been taken down.

YEA I’m In the special thanks section, That’s whats up. Other than that good overall guide. =) “remember those makoto mirror matches?” lol

just thought you should edit the typo on the neckbreaker input. it is hcf not qcf.

Thanks for the guidebook Izuna! this has great reference info!

Thanks, glad you guys like it.

Wow this is fantastic

Nice guide.

You should most probably put on there that f-lk combos into any Tsumuji when it’s counter hit, good for little frame traps and block strings but I’m not even sure if a lot of people know that.

I’ll make an updated version when I get back next week =) Any more suggestions please add them, thanks again!

Perhaps a detailed analysis on Ibuki’s normal moveset? Explaining her command normals and specials is good, but you’re forgetting her regular normal moves which every Ibuki will be using almost all the time.

pictures of the ideal range of normals. Ex. a place where B-Mp anti airs, where c. Hp anti airs…etc

Uploaded this to my phone to read during downtime. Thanks!

Is this a closed source project or can others help contribute to your guides?

It wouldn’t make sense if it was. In order to be as good of a guide it can possibly be, help is pretty much necessary.

Congrats on your fencing victory! Thanks for you’re contributions cheers

I just read this entire guide. It’s very useful. nice job!

Wow man… i really appreciate the amount of effort that you have put into this free guide :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for this updated version :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Congratz on winning the fencing.

Hey :stuck_out_tongue: I just upped my 1st… well second video to youtube with my capture card of the final sako combo (the last combo highlighted in red under the ‘Combo’s and Challenges’ section :stuck_out_tongue: )

There is a second combo which is the same as the first, but this time i try and add a few extra attacks here and there which adds to the flash factor of Ibuki’s long ass combo’s.

YO! That is so awesome, you’re gunna be featured for sure =)