Ibuki players, please help!

I really want to play Ibuki, like really really badly. I love the character! My problem is that she doesn’t seem to click with me. She also doesn’t seem like a combo character, which is what I’m good at/used to, and seems to rely on links, which I can’t ever do… Can anyone give me a rundown on just how I’m suppose to be playing this girl?

My ideal team is Ibuki/Juri. Juri is my favorite of all sf character and the character I’m best with. I would love to see these two able to work together, but where it stands now I don’t think any character is going to work as well together as my current I have set up, which is Juri/Law.

Thanks in advance for taking the time :smiley:

o_o Target combos, Target combos, Target combos!
But she is mostly a mixup character.
Check out the combo thread for extended combos and BnB’s
(I am also very bad at using at using her lol)

Thanks for the quick reply!

Could you elaborate on… well both of those actually. What are target combos, and how does she mix up well?

Target combos are basically quick combos that cancel into each other like the L,M,H,H launcher except target combos are character specific.
As for mixups she has the vortex check out soulsynapse’sOkizeme rebirth thread. It has a video in the 1st post that shows what this looks like.

Are the target combos listed in the moves list? If not where do I go to find them?

As for the mixup, thank you very much! I’ll go check that out right now :smiley:

Yes under the Unique tab.

Thanks for all the help.

One last thing, do you think Ibuki and Juri would actually work on a team together? And is Ibuki better on point or can I use Juri there?

I’m honestly not that good yet to tell ya how to set up your team lol. Juri seems like a good point because of her combo ability but ultimately its going to come down to how you’re going to play and how you want to play.

I actually play Juri/Ibuki as my secondary team. Ibuki is my main in Third Strike/SSFIVAE, and Juri is my second in AE. I’m no expert on the team by any means, as I’ve been playing Rolento/Ibuki mostly, but I do like Juri on point because Rolento is just too slow for me.

First thing I noticed with Juri/Ibuki is I have to use the kick launcher if I want to do the simple chain combo into my Ibuki tag in. With Ibuki, my tag in combo is st. RH, j. RH (land) Raida/Super Art. I can’t seem to land the combo consistently from Juri’s punch launcher (LP MP HP HP) because it pushes the opponent so far away. I’m sure you can do it if you delay the st. HK, but I just can’t get it to work. For me, using any chain combo ending with HK instead of HP lets me land the combo every time.

Oh, and if you’re going to do that tag in combo with Ibuki, note that on most characters, you will cross up with the jumping RH, but on a couple you won’t. Seems like characters with bigger hit boxes always keep you in front. Make sure to pay attention to what side you land on so you don’t miss the Radia or Super Art motion. If you don’t cross up and still try the “usual” way, you’ll get a Neckbreaker instead, which will whiff. Neckbreaker won’t pick the opponent up from the ground bounce.

Feel free to add me if your an XBL player (CaseyCor), and I can help you out with Ibuki. I don’t claim to be a master by any means, but I’m sure I can set you on the right path :).

This could be a little off topic but on the note of Juri’s Punch launcher, the people in the Juri forum say that it is somewhat useless for tag combos. The kick one is the way to go on this.

As for team synergy and stuff, it seems like it could go well. Juri has some high damage output and she seems to be able to build meter decently.

Thanks for the info. Glad to hear I wasn’t just fucking it up :slight_smile: haha.

Juri’s heavy punch launcher is impossible for any character to follow up off the switch. I’m not sure why, but you should never use that one, always end with roundhouse.

Today I was messing around with Ibuki for the first time (w/ Juri) and did some random Cross Art combo and got 706 dmg. I’ll try again and post the input.

(Note: Here are some things to try. I’m by no means great at SFxT yet given I just got it and I’m only hovering around 1100 while I learn things (Though I’m keeping skill on any to fight more experienced people to learn. ^ ~), but this is what I found out. It is a hard learning curve if you’re used to the two individually but they do have some very very interesting things. Also, ignore how I don’t know most of the moves by name. Haha! I rarely post here but I hope this helps)

Alright! I’m not good yet, but I’m running Ibuki on point and Juri after. This is what I’ve found
out so far. First… These two don’t work together with their common launchers unless you:
(Note: You can’t have juri launch with her punches and juggle, and you can’t have Ibuki launch with her kicks and juggle.)

I use Ibuki’s punch combo launcher, and when Juri comes in you can do her standing :lp: ,:mp: ,:hp: , EX Pinwheel

If Juri is out you need to use her launcher and Ibuki can do her standing close roundhouse to launch them up, jump-cancel, and
knock them back down and do her dragon kick or raidia after.
(Also, it might be good just to LP, MP, Launcher for something quick and easy thats combo-able.)

That’s the basic way I launch between them. For combos…

With Ibuki out… I do a jumping forward :mk: and combo it into her standing close :hp: . From there you can call Juri in
and have her do her launch combo with her kicks, then when Ibuki comes in again, do that close roundhouse to juggle them,
knock them back down and on the bounce you can do ibuki’s dragon kick and call in Juri again to EX Pinwheel.

With Juri out things can be fun. If you do Juri’s ‘mid-air dive kick thing’ but let it hit once… call in Ibuki as soon as it its. Do her
Back-MP anti-air and you can dragon kick into that. Now some fun things happen if you have Juri out and do her EX dive kick
thing and spam both Mediums. Juri will continue that EX kick three times while you take control of ibuki. You can do a neutral
jump and roundhouse (While Juri is still kicking), Juri still connects and they wall bounce, jump again with a forward roundhouse kick to take them back
to the floor and go from there.

Start practicing doing these things and you’ll start discovering that they do some awesome things together if you do it correctly.
I’ve gotten a few variations on this that do %50 health on most characters. ^^

Some cost a ton of meter, but some you can do with one bar that are pretty damaging. I also found out that their damage scaling
is really horrid at times.

Just go into training mode and try these things out. I’m by no means the best player, but I just started and it is a hardcore learning
curve for Ibuki players. Another thing… Ibuki’s close HP takes a lot of time and if you combo into it, it’s a ‘GREAT’ time to call in
Juri. I’m finding that having these two juggle with the ‘natural’ launchers is a pain in the ass, but when you do it manually it’s a lot
of fun. With Ibuki I normally combo going from Jab -> Fierce on her punches to keep her launcher combo from coming out given
that I am an Ibuki player so I’m used to doing that three button target in SF4 and in SFxT it really messes me up! D=

This is just a few things I learned, but it should help show you how the two work together and you can experiment.

If you’re on X-box… My tag is ‘Flabulous Flex’ and I can show you some things. I’m no expert yet, but I’m trying to get these two to play nicely together and there are some awesome things. This is super basic stuff, but hope it helps!

Interesting stuff there D-Bit, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you’re spending a lot of meter there. I’m sure those combos can be optimized for maximum damage without spending as much meter. There is always more work to be done, heh.

Very cool stuff!

Oh for sure! I’m very sure much of it can be optimized to use one bar. It just helps to ‘feel’ things out with a lot of meter first, then get to work making it more viable in a real game. ^^ And Thanks! =)

Oh! Also! I can’t work out the timing, but on Ibuki… The target combo:

Forward S.FP->Downforward HK -> Forward HK -> Jump Cancel -> Forward Jumping HP does connect for a ground bounce, though I’m still trying to work out the timing a bit. I can do it half the time, but it is nice!

I just started doing that combo yesterday, trying to find a use for her df+hk -> f+hk target combo. I too am having trouble with the timing of it. It’s quite annoying, considering I use that combo all the time in 3S and AE with no trouble at all.

I wonder if we can SJC the f+hk into command dash, like she can in SSFIV. Would lead to some great resets.

I’ve been running ibuki since SSF4, and in this game, I honestly thinks she’s amazing in this game. Ummm, don’t worry about target combo’s to be quite honest, because that’s really a nubby strat, only way to really hit the target combos is to jump in and basically be right next to the character.

Since it is an Street Fighter game, footsies is the name of the game. Spacing is super important with her especially with her mix-up game.

I still think her best button is MP. Back MP is your best anti-air, Crouching MP is your best poke. It’s your defense and offense.

Know the match-ups, for sure.

Ibuki is really good against fireball characters. Down Forward MK, slides under most fireballs (I think low tiger shot is the only one it doesn’t go under). Forward MK is an overhead that goes over fireballs, and her EX Neckbreaker (HCF+PP) is a full screen really really fast slide that can easily punish fireball characters when timed correctly, but it’s easily timed. If someone is fireball spamming, just jump kunai for meter, or if you really wanna be fancy, do DP+P then kunai, for even more meter than your opponent. Then EX Neckbreaker, and start your offense. With the right spacing, you can combo df. MK into c. LP. You can also combo after f. MK once you land. It’s awesome.

I still play her like the SSF4 mindset. Keep your distance until you get a knockdown, which is pretty much the name for most rushdown characters in this game.

When poking with c.MP, buffer neckbreaker, tsumuji(QCB+K), or things that will cause a hard knockdown. But neckbreaker is extremely unsafe if it’s blocked. If you whiff, the special moves won’t come out, if it connects, obviously the moves will come out. Tsumuji is safe after the second hit, you get the option for the third hit if you hit MK or HK. I never use HK because the startup takes forever and doesn’t combo. But the second hit is completely safe. If you want to put someone in the corner, just hit K again to knock the opponent back, to sweep, obviously just hit c.K

Her BnB well at least the one I use, is a little different than the one in SSF4, but still the same idea. it’s c.lp, c.lp, st.mk, mk tsumuji (or neckbreaker, but usually just tsumuji) In SSF4, she can fit a st.lp in there before the st.mk, but she gets pushed out too much in this game. Learning this combo and getting it down is suuper efficient when applying your offense.

She has an AMAZING anti-air combo. Back MP, then c.MP x Raida (HCB+P) pushes them away and it shuts down someone’s offense. The first 8 frames I think keeps your upper body invulnerable to attacks. Keep in mind that it is a 2-hit button. If only one hits, the rest of the combo is harder to land, but if you wait just a millisecond later and get the 2-hit, that combo is pretty much guaranteed.

If you can read a jump, she also has an air grab, but for Air to Airs, use j.HK, it causes a ground bounce, and you can hit Kazagiri when you land!

I think she can still Super Jump Cancel all of her normals, but I haven’t really found a good use for it.

I play her on point. I start by feeling out the opponent. She has really good movement speed, so she can pretty much zone while you feel out the opponent. If someone jumps too much, you have a combo that does 25% damage to most of the cast, so you’ve already neutralized their jump in offense, forcing them to play footsies. If you feel like you can rush someone down after raida, command dash twice (depending on which spacing you can use LK, MK, or HK) and the reason I do command dash more than just a regular dash is for more meter. Since it’s a hard knockdown you get a free jump in as long as you time it right, but becareful for people with great uppercuts. But to deal with that, just do a deep jump-in. The great thing about ibuki is her jumping target combos can make it so that one hit is on one side, and the second part of the target combo hits on the other side (with the right spacing of course, but that may be character specific and I haven’t really tried it out enough to know)

Once the opponent stops jumping, it’s time for that c. MP poke! Once you land that hard knockdown, start that offense. The great thing about c. MP, is that you can just hit c. HP, then launch and bring in your next character.

They can also roll out which kind of messes up her offense, but if you stand mid range, you can just c. MK since it has great range.

Also, tsumuji is great for bringing in your next character. Once you hit tsumuji, just tag in and whoever you’re using can pretty much continue the combo for free.

Only con to her, is that she doesn’t really have any answer for deep jump-ins, but everyone has their flaws. With the right timing, I command dash towards the opponent and punish from behind once he/she lands, but the timing has to be right.

When I say the timing has to be right, it’s not strict. The timing for her is relatively easy. Even her BnB is easier than most linking combos.

I can’t stress enough when I say spacing. Once someone gets a deep jump in on you, you’re shut down. Unless you wanna alpha counter. But I really wanna save my meter for her super.

Her super is really easy to land. If I have 3 meters, I try to be fancy and somehow land a jump in, c. LP, c. MP x EX Kazagiri, j. HP, land, c.MP, Super! EX Kazagiri is different since its an uppercut but leaves the opponent in a standing state, so j. HP can connect, but it’s a little weird, but at the top of her jump, I hit it, and it hits a little later than you think, but it will connect. j. HK connects too, but I just like how her j. HP looks, haha.

Her kunai set-ups in this game suck, the only use I’ve found for it, is if you hit nearby the opponents feet, you can land and c. lp x Raida if you’re lucky, it’s really situational for that combo. Only time I use it is against people with good answers to my jump-ins (like Ryu’s Shoryuken, Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut, ect.)

That’s pretty much it, Ibuki is my baby, haha. I’m never dropping her, I hope she does the job for you like she’s done the job for me. Practice, Practice, and Practice. Especially that spacing, can’t stress that enough. Get that knockdown, and GET IN DAT ASS!

For Anti-Air, I use b+mp (1 hit) xx lk command dash -> s. hk -> j. hk -> raida/SA. After the dash, it’s the same combo I use when I bring Ibuki in off a launcher/tag cancel.

I like using her LP -> MP -> HP xx MK Tsumuji as a follow up to the tech roll vortex. I usually start off with cr. LP -> cr. LP -> s. MK xx MK Tsumuji, and then switch to the target combo at some point, because it’s safer. Smart players will get used to my set ups after I knock them down, and will mash though the cr. lp link, since it isn’t a true block-string.

You can also take a step forward after the cr. lps and throw them.

As far as pokes go, I’m using f+lk, cr.mp, and cr.mk. I like to cancel f+lk into lk/hk tsumuiji, and cr.mp into mk tsumuji (which leads to the vortex setup). You can piano cr. mk with hp/hk to go into launcher combos. Nice damage off a low poke without spending any meter, assuming you’ve got your tag in combos figured out :slight_smile:

If you mean the kick that hits them straight up then yes, you can cancel into her dash, she has the majority of her combo’s from super… maybe all of them actually not sure about the “Ex kazegiri - agemen” in the corner.