Ibuki Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

**6/21 UPDATE: Added a section for kunai vortex/wake up pressure, corner pressure, combos/BnB’s, annoying matchups and using Ibuki’s super. Couldn’t fit it all on first page so the rest is on page 50. Spoilers for viewing convenience. **

**Something u may not know yet update: ****IBUKI HAS AN AIR THROW ZOMG!!! **I guess of course I would be the only person to have known this for four years. :lol:

First off READ THIS LINK BELOW BEFORE u do anything. ** If u make a seperate thread away from this thread asking one super picky minute question or making random comments about Ibuki like a fucking 09er your shit will get closed.**


Now that you’ve read that know that from here on out this thread is designed so that you can ask your questions in one place and they will be answered in one place. Do not be afraid to ask the same question more than once although very soon I will be making a FAQ on the first page for the most FAQy questions. So if you have a question or a bunch of random questions u should have immediate answers to them on the first page of this thread very soon.

Now for the nice happy happy joy joy part. Questions that I’ve seen a shit ton of already with immediate answers YAYY!!!


[details=Spoiler] Q. What are Ibuki’s good pokes?

A. Well Ibuki doesn’t really have quite the crazy footsie game she had in 3S but it’s still ok in some respects. IMO what u should be using most from a distance is either c.MK just as something quick and long ranged to pressure with or max range sweep. Max range sweep is especially is great because it starts up in 6 frames (2 frames quicker than Rog sweep) and has deceptively long range. Since it’s a sweep it creates an untech knockdown situation for u. c.HK sweep will beat a lot of annoying high ranged normals like Dictator s.HK and I’m pretty sure will take out Sakura’s s.HK also. Once u get within close range the main thing u want to do is pressure with s.LP’s and hit confirming those into combos. Some characters you’ll have to substitute with c.LP because of their small ass hit box (Blanka, Sakura). That or s.MK and buffer into MK tsumuji (qcb+MK). s.MK into MK tsumuji is solid since the poke has solid range and damage by itself and if the opponent tries to focus your s.MK your MK tsumuji will hit them and then u can press d+MK after the second spin kick to do a 3rd sweep for untech knockdown and free vortex. f+HK isn’t as great for beating crouching normals as it used to be but it still isn’t bad vs. some standing normals and it beats flying special moves free. Dictator scissors, Honda headbutt, Blanka ball all of those from a distance get stuffed free by f+HK. df+MK slide is another great tool to move u in at MAX range vs. footsies. If you do this from anything inside of max range u will die so be careful.

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[details=Spoiler] **Q. ** What do I have for reversals? How do I gets out of the cornerz? Where’s my LITE PAUNCH SUREYOUCAN?!!! I NEEDZ MOAR TELEPORTZ PLZ.

A. **QUICK QUICK remedy. Pick Ultra 1. ** Unless the opponent jumps you’re relatively safe even if they block it to most everything except maybe certain reversal supers or ultras. It starts up in 2 frames so if the opponent is pressing any buttons they are dead. Since Ibuki didn’t get a DP this is your quickest remedy for not having a DP. Once you start tricking people with this people will leave u alone a bit more on wake up. Also Ultra 1 punishes DP fadc dash forward on block. If they dp FADC and dash forward just mash ultra and they are dead. If they backdash the fireball should still catch them I think. If not then they automatically gave you some breathing room by dashing back any ways and wasted meter.

If you’re using Ultra 2…well if there’s one thing that seems to be set up across the board about the new game is that reversals have been toned down. Honestly one of the only ways to make offense stronger and make the game less boring was to tone down the free ass reversals everyone got. Most of the new characters as you will notice don’t have free get off of me moves and the characters that used to have those moves in the last game have had them way toned down. They still work but they’re not instant turn around tools have have weaker properties than they did in the old game.

Now Ibuki off breaks doesn’t really have much for a straight up reversal when knocked down just based on her special moves. Regular kazekiris aren’t bad when u are standing up during a footsie battle or as an anti air against certain jumping normals but on wake up EX kazekiri is the only version of her DP that is going to even remotely help you. I say this because it’s very easy for characters like Chun Li and Rog to just stuff it on wake up with any jumping normal. EX kazekiri starts up in 5 frames though so that’s the same speed as a Sagat EX upper which isn’t bad. It’s just the invincibility doesn’t last as long I don’t think. U can stuff from with an airborne attack pretty easily. Which then reduces u to blocking and looking for opportunities to escape without a DP. Honestly unless u are getting vortexed up down left and right like something out of Marvel or playing against a Gief player just block. If u think the opponent is going to throw u work on ur late tech throwing game or just anticipate the throw and neutral jump and punish the throw whiff on the way down or jump forward to get out of the corner. s.LP is also a great tool for spacing yourself out of the corner because it’s only 3 frame start up (so it’s good for countering a throw attempt) and if it hits it’s plus 8 on hit and on block it’s still plus 4. Also try to block more often (LOL). Backdashing if you’re not in the corner isn’t bad as long as the opponent isn’t trying to option select it. Which if they are then continue blocking. If you’re blocking you’re not dead.

So the jist is block, block and then when u are tired of blocking block some more. Save EX kazekiri unless u absolutely have to use it. Preferably with 3 meters so u can FADC into auto correct raida juggle to place them in the corner if it hits. Otherwise just block, tech throws, neutral jump or forward jum out if there’s a gap and use s.LP to beat throws, pokes and space yourself out of the corner. Basically think.

**Oh and super secret easy mode tip for getting out of the corner or cross up/jump in situations on wake up or while you’re standing. ** Especially against characters like Chun Li and Gief that have slow jumps if u see them mess up their cross up or jump in timing even slightly just do **HK command dash **and u get out of pressure for free and are safely on the complete opposite end of the screen. df+MK is also a nice safe method for getting out of the way of jump ins and cross ups while still staying near the opponent for pressure. You can use df+MK as
a quick way to sneak out of a non meaty jump in while you’re in the corner and immediately put the opponent in the corner.

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[details=Spoiler] ***Q. What are these terms like SJC/HJC? What’s dat mean? ***

A. For those that have never played 3S/Guilty Gear/Marvel it basically means Super jump or high jump cancel. Pressing down then up during a move that u can super jump afterwards. Playing a lot of 3rd Strike and Guilty Gear helped me to understand this stuff quickly. Ibuki is the only other character in the game than Viper (who of course I picked up because of her similarities to Ibuki in that respect) that can super jump and a lot of her regular tactics involved SJCing into moves. Now Ibuki also has a special trait in that a couple of her moves can also be regular jump cancelled. I believe her c.HP and the end of her close LP, MP, c.HK, s.HK chain can also be regular jumped. You also have to use SJC to do things like kasumi gake (command dash) after her close LP, MP, c.HK, s.HK chain.

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[details=Spoiler] ***
Q. How do I SJC into Ultra or do SJC command dash after her close LP, MP, c.HK, HK chain?***

A. READ THIS ALSO: http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=233416

In order to SJC into ultra the best thing to do is just simply to a tiger knee motion either on your first hadoken motion or the second one and then hit Kx3. Basically do d,df,f,d,df,f,uf+KKK or d,df,f,uf,d,df,f+KKK. The key is to do it quickly but accurately. Don’t do it too quick or you’ll get an EX DP. If you’re using a Sanwa stick try to put as little exertion on the stick as possible. Do the motion quick but lightly and try not to touch the corners too hard during the motion.

With SJC command dash after the close LP chain the best way for me to do it is to wait until I get to the c.HK part then slowly start from down and do a tiger knee motion and when Ibuki starts to swing her foot around after the last part of the chain (the ending frames) press K. You’ll want to have reached up forward on the stick by this point obviously. The game will save your input for so long after the c.HK that u can just slowly move the stick upwards in a tiger knee motion then just press kick when you finally make the stick reach the uf position. The frames to get her to command dash after the chain or very late after the chain.

EDIT: Revised info for 6/21

Q. What are the inputs for SJC ultra or SJC command dash?

A. For SJC ultra the best thing to do is just buffer the first qcf during the beginning of a target combo (such as close LP, MP, HP or LK, MK) and then do one more qcf and motion to uf to create a tiger knee motion and hit 3 kicks. So basically qcf,qcf,uf (d, df, f, d, df, f, uf) + 3K. Now the window for this is kinda strict (about 1 or 2 frames at most) so u want to make sure u buffer the end in pretty quickly after the target combo is done. Don’t finish the motion too early or you’ll get an EX DP. Just wait until just before Ibuki starts to retract her or foot from the last hit of the target chain then hit 3K.

For SJC command dash off of close LP, MP, c.HK, HK chain your best bet is to just do a typical tiger knee motion (d,df,f,uf) and then hit any kick button at the last couple super jump cancellable frames of the last kick. Basically just before Ibuki starts to bring her foot around from the second HK. Ibuki’s SJC window is tight at only 1 or 2 frames so your timing has to be accurate. If you’re trying to do a HK command dash you can do a plink d,df,f,uf then HK~MK to make things a bit easier.

Also read this.


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[details=Spoiler] *
Q. How do I getz passed dem FIREBAWLZ?!!!*

A.** First off learn ur Super Turbo shit. ** Neutral jump over the ones u can, then walk forward slowly and block any ones u can’t neutral jump on reaction while continuing to walk forward slowly. U can also throw a kunai while you are neutral jumping to give yourself more time to jump over the fireball. The best actual move u have for getting past fireballs is df+MK slide. ** This move goes under ALL fireballs but like Juri’s low fireball. It will even go under Sagat’s low tiger shot just like Blanka can. Yeah pretty gdlk. The recovery is very quick after moving through a fireball compared to say Rose’s slide. Just don’t do this too close to the opponent or u will get raped even if it hits. f+MK can also hop over most fireballs with the exception of high tiger shots and really high air fireballs like that. ** If the opponent throws an air fireball u can anticipate it and just do a command dash all the way over to them and kill them. You should pretty much be walking forward and looking to command dash at any air fireball u think is coming. Unless you’re fighting against a good player that actually uses their air fireballs jumping away lower to the ground. Most scrubs are going to jump forward or neutral jump fireball from high in the air and that’s a free HK command dash punish. If you want attacks that are literally invincible to fireballs you also have EX neck breaker. EX neck breaker is COMPLETELY 100 PERCENT PASS THROUGH GET OUT OF JAIL fireball protection. Ultra 2 also has complete fireball invincibilitiy and takes up half the screen. If u don’t like fireballs pick ultra 2.

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[details=Spoiler] ***Q. Maen peoples keep jumpin on me. How do I stop dem from jumpin? I need welfare anti airs. ***

**A. ** **There’s a lot of different things u can do. ** Ibuki doesn’t really have a MP shoryu go to anti air per say but she has a lot of really solid ones for different situations. For most jump ins b+MP should take care of the job. EX kazekiri can work but it works better at beating ground based attacks than air based attacks from what I’ve seen. c.HP is solid but can be stuffed by certain jump ins. Have to mess around with it. Close s.HK will be cross ups if you’re standing on your feet pretty nicely and other close ranged jump ins. df+MK slide works great to get under an air attack and punish on the other side of them as they land. j.HK has a really good hit box kinda like a weaker version of Dee Jay’s j.HK for stuffing out air based attacks. Air throw also works WONDERS. If you’re fighting against a Zangief or T.Hawk and worried about getting jumped in on while you’re on your feet (like if you’re close to the corner) you can use HK command dash to zip under them and completely out of the way. Throwing out f+HK is good for stuffing jump ins from a distance like Rufus dives. s.HK is another beefy anti air for that purpose as well.

**So top 5 anti airs IMO are…

  1. Air throw

  2. b+MP

  3. s.HK

  4. df+MK slide under and behind them then punish.

  5. Tie between jumping HK and s.LP. **

If none of that works (highly unlikely) then BLOCK.

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[details=Spoiler] Q. Where can I find reliable frame data for Ibuki?

**A. **Just click on the Wiki link at the very top of the page in the grey tabs section right after What’s New. All of Ibuki’s frame data ripped straight from the accurate Japanese mook guide should be there.

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[details=Spoiler] ***Q. How do I apply kunai and other cross up vortex with Ibuki?

A. Generally you want to do a super jump (preferable) or regular jump kunai just at the top of your jump so the kunai will land so meaty that barely any of the opponent’s reversal options will work. It’s like having a big anvil fall on top of their body on wake up when u have the right timing. You can also throw the kunai earlier or later during your jump to make it cross or not cross. Mix this up occasionally with j.LK or j.MK cross up (j.LK preferable because of bigger hit box).

Actually at high level play u may have to use j.LK to cross more often since it has to be blocked at a different timing than kunai and some characters like Gief, DeeJay and Gouken have 100 percent escapes from the vortex. Meaty kunai kills Gief lariat though so if you’re fighting a Gief and they don’t know to use EX German Suplex (kick grab) to get out of vortex u can just slam them with vortex over and over. Gief without meter is basically free meaty kunai pressure.

Read this also.


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[details=Spoiler] Q. How do I continue to apply pressure once I have the person blocking in the corner?

A. Generally u want to just continue pressuring with f+LK to tsumuji, s.LP’s, c.LP’s, s.MP’s, s.MK and MK tsumujis. For a high low mix up after a knock down mix up with an ambiguous f+MK and either make it hit or do it slightly early so it whiffs then hit them with c.LK to whatever. I specifically bring up f+LK to tsumuji because it’s her fastest and longest ranged cancellable normal. It starts up in 4 frames so it’s like a longer c.LP that cancels into MK tsumuji. Which is really good for pressure since if this hits it sets up another untechable knockdown and will beat most focus attack attempts (except for really fast ones level 1 focuses like Guy’s). Mix in tick throws and focus attacks to forward dash to continue applying pressure as well.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- [/details]

Disclaimer: Can’t fit all of the Q and A in the first post so the rest of the Q and A will be posted in one of my later posts. ** **(Around page 40 or 50, Just look for Post # 989)http://shoryuken.com/f336/ques-answer-thread-**6-21-update**-dont-make-one-question-topics-plz-234218/index50.html#post9087833 ** There you will find info for Ibuki’s combos/BnB’s, quick info on how to deal with her annoying matchups like Honda and Dictator and how to use her super.


Thank you for making this thread :tup:

I suppose i’ll throw my rambling questions here then…

Jump in target combos - The timing of them seems dependent on character size right? obviously for shorter characters it seems you have a small window to do them. Also, do all the target combos hit on crouchers? is there even time? I’d like the damage of course, but for ease of execution and safety… i may go with simple 1 button jump in’s (hp or mk)

What normals, TC’s, and Specials are safe on block. Preferably specifying if they are safe because of spacing or safe because of frames (I realize we have no frame data yet, or I wouldn’t be asking this) I see a lot of people using MK Tsumuji to finish block strings… is this truly safe against say… Chun Li reversal super? (guess i’ll go test that now hah)

There is a target combo you can SJC into a command dash… thats the HK launcher? you just input D, DF, F, UF + K to get the dash after the last HK?

the point of her poke game is to fish for a hit on a poke, and then do what? It seems her specials are pretty unsafe on block, so unless you are confident that your hit is going to not be blocked, wouldn’t buffering anything but a command dash be a huge liability? (even the cmd dash I realize is punishable) I can’t see a safe way to get in on the ground except maybe lk mk TC which appears to be safe on block

There seem to be vary ways of approaching with her… some say low kunai to block stun them, others have you fish with st.lp or cr.lp and then go into st.mk. While some of these normals have good frame data, I find that simple ryu crouch forward BS beats my ass. I have yet to find a good way to get near Ryu or Balrog whatsoever.

Great thread, I read your other posts in other threads and it is nice to seem the consolidated into one petite offering.

Do you have any advice for timing on the cross up kunai to target combo on the ground?

I was practicing on the dummy with auto-guard and tried timing it late, but it seemed to be spotty.

Does the timing only really work on crouching, people standing up from fall (because their hit box is low and then grows) and

at peoples feet? I was looking at the Ibuki Safe Crossup Okizemi, and his kunai is hitting pretty darn high up, I am assuming this

works only because they are rising from knock down. Are there any kunai set ups that are safe on people standing (I know it is silly cause you will probably get

AAed, but just curious)

Basically i fail utterly at the vortex and it seems like the only remedy is more practice.

(hopefully this weekend I can get my reprieve from work to get down and dirty with Ibuki)

Realize the target dummy will always block facing where you jumped from… EVEN if the kunai crossed up. I realize this, and then had to record myself as ibuki varying the timing… and controlling the character being crossed up and altering my block. It was then that I realized I was in fact crossing them up, it just didn’t look like it before.

other than that… you just have to make sure the kunai is very meaty, and basically hits them in the feet. Also, realize that you have to delay the target combos you want to use quite a bit, as the recovery from that jump is pretty long. I was often getting MP’s and Mk’s and missing the Lp/lk part of the TC’s entirely.

In a non wakeup situation, you also have that option to do TK’ed Kunai very low to the ground. This leaves you on the ground after it with them in block stun. I’m not a huge fan of this, as again her ground recovery is lacking after air kunai’s, but maybe my timing is off

Hopefully this thread will clear some clutter

Thx to DVJ01

An excellent Q&A to be added to the first post would be this.

In regards to SJC>U2
:mk:~:d::df::r: (buffered in the Kick) :d::df::r::uf: :k:x3 if you see it connect

Does this need to be done fast or slow? I have noticed when I try to SJC>U2 my girl says “taa” and jumps but no ultra comes out. At times it seems like I do it right but an EX moves comes out. I, along with a lot of other people would really appreciate a nice little detailed response on this move.
Thanks in advance!

Q: Who is the most dangerous character in the game?
A: Ibuki.

too slow = jump
too fast = EX DP


omfg, i love you so fracking much! i tried for an hour last night and about an hour tonight and only been able to do it twice, after reading that, did the target combo 5 times, 3 of them i pulled it off with ultra linked, thank you soooo much! (single tear)

lmao epic!!! "how do i getr passed dem firebawlzzz!!! i need my sureyoucan!!!

Can someone explain how to do SJC to ultra 2 I can get it done with viper but not with Ibuki :confused:

video I made that may do some good if we can get all the noobs to look at it before posting

Ibuki Super jump cancel ultra 2

This is the non-buffering method I use

IceWilly’s video shows how to do it using buffering.

Hope these help.

I find the buffering method works great if you have the patience to wait for the 2nd hit of MP to connect. If you don’t want to wait, you can do 1,2,3 2x qcf up ultra… but i can’t input clean QCF’s that fast

as a follow up, I am having only some luck SJC’ing into the dash. My usual input is lp mp (2hit) d.Hk UP.HK (pause) qcf HK
its very inconsistent and I can’t find a way to make it better. Also it seems with 2 hit MP it doesn’t cross up. This is only really worth it if it crosses up. I have seen it cross up before, making me think that 1 mp would make the spacing work.

Hey guys

I love ibuki so much. Coming from viper background and just learning about the vortex of akuma her options are stupidly varied and offensive at all times

anyway my question is this :

In the target combos that start from jumping attack and to go a forward then another button when is the best time to hit the forward and the button? is it right as you see it connect? I am having trouble with one of her trails.

The jump in target combos should be done early or the second hit won’t come out. If you time the first hit correctly, the second is simple.

:lp::mp: :d::hk::d::hk: (wait) :qcf::uf:+:hk:

i’m getting inconsistent results too right now.

^^^that is EXACTLY how i do it.