Ibuki Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

The ghetto way to do it is to identify which wire is the select button, and then either:

  1. cut it off completely, solder or crimp another wire to it, and lead it straight up to the next button that you want, while connecting the proper connections fitting for Sanwa buttons.

  2. Create 2 t-joint connections, so that you’re able to run wires in parallel to another button, effectively making you have 2 select buttons.

All it requires is basic cutting tools, crimping tools, soldering iron, solder, the proper gauge wire and connectors, and extremely basic understanding of how electronics work.

It’s as easy as swapping 2 cables from select button with the button you want. Disconnect reconnect elsewhere. There’s no technical work really.

Edit : hm didn’t thought you would keep the original select button working.

What do you guys use for your new select button for blinks? It seems like executing that blink will take some time unless you add a new button right next to jab, or is it easier than I’m thinking?

PPP button.

Very easy once you get used to it.

Hello my old Ibuki friends. I see Mingo is still trying to run things on the Ibuki boards as usual

I haven’t been in this thread in ages.

I wouldn’t mind getting some matches in with some of you. Those are pretty random/fun/stupid/entertaining. lol.

XBL: Dont Jump SRK

I think you’re looking for this thread: *Updated 7/8/2012* Team Ibuki Player Directory (Any Platform)

ok i rewired my stick :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: and it’s awesome it feels much easier to connect the lp :slight_smile: .

i just want to ask if i take the select button wires and attach them directly to lp button will it work? ( i mean instead of pressing to buttons to blink i just push the “lp” )

you have no clue how plink works if you ask this :slight_smile:
for a plink to work the second input have to be done at the very next frame not the first not the third, then for 2 frames the game will repeat the plinked input making it a 2 frames push.

From my knowledge I would say this :
The mechanism behind this comes from the possibility to use 2 buttons or 3 buttons together in fighting game for special moves. But devs came up with the need to make the game registering a double input with some leniency because we’re human not robots with 16ms reactions. So if 2 buttons A and B are down within 2 frames the game think you wanted to input A+B but still is registering individual inputs at the correct fps aka 60ms Frame by frame so you end with a 2 frames command (A, A+B) and they both count to build the next combo with most priority.

hmmm i know what plinking is, i thought that the select button just doubles your inputs !!!

No. You’ll get LP and Select on the same frame, which does absolutely nothing for you. The idea is to press jab, and then shortly thereafter, press the select button, in order to create the 2 LP inputs one frame after another, with the select input being part of the 2nd one.

Haha ok, no it’s the same as another buttons, which is weird, unless the devs did a pretty easy job programming the leniency effect on all buttons available.
Pushing it further and we could have Home’linked

I’d say KKK is more ergonomic, unless of course your pinky is the same length as your other fingers. With 3K, your hand is in a better position when you blink/slink the punches and/or the kicks.

Depends on your hand I guess, but for me, doing jab + KKK means I’d either have to move my hand or really bend my pinky, or both. jab + PPP is much more natural.

have a question, is it allowed to b-link in tournaments or is it a kind of cheating like using turbo?
mean with blinking to rewire the fightstick and put the select button on LB (ppp).
i don’t see another posibillity to do the loop constantly in a fight!
i’ve training the loop 3 months without blinking and never get it constantly in the lab (success rate ~30%)
practicing the loop with double tapping the lp (success rate ~ 25%)
and with blinking (success rate about 90% and more) so blinkin is a BIG help to hit the 1 frame constantly and get dat free damage :slight_smile:

Does EX Upkicks EVER autocorrect? I can never hit someone who’s crossing me up…

I’m 99% sure blinking is legal. There are no tournament rules that ban the use of the select button.

I’m also 99% sure that rewiring your stick is legal. There’s no rule that tells you where your start/select/etc. buttons should go.

Iirc, I believe Daigo rewired his stick for use at either Evo 2011 or 2010, or both.

It does/can but I would not recommend trying it. It’s probably about as hard to autocorrect as Guile’s flash kick.

In situations where you are thinking about autocorrect dp, I would recommend either

  1. blocking the crossup then mashing EX dp; reasoning here is that if they’re trying to be ambiguous, they are probably either using j.LK or j.MK, which does not result in a true blockstring
  2. wakeup cr.MK to lower hitbox

I’ll try that, thanks.

I’ve yet to see a tournament that bans the use of blinking, or re-wired sticks. It’s not nearly as powerful as allowing turbos.

Tournaments allow custom-made sticks, and it’s nearly impossible to determine how you’ve wired or stick, especially since there’s no agreed-upon standard for button wiring.

Blinking only helps you land occasional 1-frame links with jabs, and to be honest, this isn’t enough of an edge to guarantee you a mechanical advantage to win a definitive match.

That being said, personally, i don’t use it. I think everybody should be used to the 6-button standards in arcades, but that’s me. As long as you dutifully practice the tsumuji loop, you can eventually land it without the assist of a blink. Izuna prefers to practice it without sound, I like to just watch the sway animation of the opponent for when to time my jab.

thx to Mingo & eltrouble… i was wondering why the st lp comes out twice in sakos replays…so i thougt he’s double tapping until i saw this replay of him
so i see him using the ppp button and i thought he MUST have rewired his stick to link constantly the lp, thats the only explanation why his lp comes out twice… so i tried it too!
it took some settling time suddenly the little finger to use…but once past the learning curve (2-3 days) it flushes like butter…if you want to make sure that st. mk after st.lp 100%connects, just blink mk too :wink:
then i saw this latest vid in clearly 720p and there is no doubt that sako is blinking
anyway thx 4 your help

Thanks for linking the videos of how he does it; Mingo, do you plink your PPP in a similar fashion?