Ibuki Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

I can.

To make things complicated…

Close s.hk only has 1 juggle point which means you need to land the s.hk right after the launcher. (Kazegiri in this case)

Any hits between the launch and the s.hk will make the s.hk unable to connect since it won’t have enough juggle points to keep it going after that, you would need 2 points or higher. Kazegiri has 3 points (well the first hit has 1 point the second has 2 points and the third has 3 points), that means you can kazegiri fadc 3 times before it stops working (4 hits total)

That’s the reason you can’t ex Tsumuji, kazegiri fadc s.hk. That does mean you can ex.tsumuji into s.hk but I have no idea how to do that. Same thing applies to the ultras. Not sure how many they start off with. Every time I test kazegiri fadc fadc ultra 2 she goes under. I haven’t really played around with ultra 1.

She has at least one juggle point for ultra 2 for the first hit so that means you can fadc ultra 2. If it only has 1 point, that would mean you need to fadc fadc and go straight to the second hit of the ultra to keep juggling. Good luck with that, but that’s how you get combo videos going.

I don’t know about c.hp. Since it’s not a juggle I think it can always hit people out of the air. But I need to test it.

how to react better to certain things and punish them ??
i know for example that ryu cr.hk on block you can punch it with ultra 2 but when it comes out in a match i can’t react to it :expressionless: . i know it’s a weird question any tips …

You need too look out for them. Stand at max range ryu c.hk and just block. The ryu will do it and then you can punish.

Look for patterns. If a Akuma loves to do something like air fireball walk up sweep. Get that Ultra ready. (unless akuma has ulrta 1 stocked)

If a ryu loves to do something like c.lp c.lp c.mk fireball just ex neckbreaker trough the fireball.

See it coming. Don’t really react to it.

Unless you can straight up react to it. Then just do it.

Ok i have no idea why I have not made a shoryuken account until now but I have been playing sf4 since vanilla and starting maining ibuki when ssf4 dropped. I started winning with her regularly and became a better player overall but I’m looking to take my game to the next level lol. These may be general questions but 1. How did you guys consistently learn sjc to ultra 2?because I get to the point where i just get pissed and shut system down lol. 2. Although there are videos of it on youtube i just don’t quite understand option selects( for example punishing akuma’s teleport with neck breaker or sweeping back dashes). 3. Whiff punishing is this all based on reactions or does it have to do with reading the opponent? Lastly is kara dash from corner combo from raida I’ve never successfully done this. Just for history sake lol, I know all ibuki basics i can perform the tsumijii loops consistently i normally hover around 2.7k-3.1k pp so i don’t think I’m a bad player i just want to finally maximize what I can do with the character. One last i don’t really know frame data (for other characters) but i generally know some moves that are safe and not so should I consider reading up on the cast? I’ve taken a 6 month break from the game and want to jump back in. Any advice from anyone would help id really appreciate it .

  1. SJC U2, you have to grind that out. No other way around it. There are timing indicators of why your SJC U2 doesn’t come out. If you try to SJC from st.mk, and nothing happens= too fast. If you get empty super jump/ super jump with a kick=too slow. From Target Combos, they are a little bit easier if you’re on the slow side as you can buffer the motions while doing the Target Combo. SJC U2 is also more lenient on input accuracy than regular SJC you’d do from cl.st.hk and cr.hp, which means that if 1 of 2 of your qcf motion is not accurate, it can still come out if you have the correct timing.

  2. Imagine you doing your regular safe jump from neckbreaker. B.mp,j.hp. While you’re in the air after you hit the j.hp, you buffer neckbreaker motion, then hit a punch button to OS neckbreaker. If the opponent gets hit or block the j.hp, neckbreaker won’t come out, but if they backdash/teleport, the neckbreaker will come out to catch them. Another example: Ibuki can do cr.mp OS neckbreaker. Say if you whiff cr.mp while buffering neckbreaker inputs, the neckbreaker won’t come out if you do it correctly. But if the opponent runs into or block your cr.mp, your neckbreaker will come out. That’s some Option Select explanation.
    Note: Akuma’s teleport cannot be OS’ed with neckbreaker because you’ll recover before him and not get the punish you want. You have to react on which direction he teleports on, then input neckbreaker. But watch out if he has U2 as he can cancel into it in the middle of his teleport.

  3. Whiff punishing is more about reads and being in the right spacing than reactions. Right spacing means you’re standing just right outside of a poke’s range. Ibuki has good normals she can use to whiff punish, notably st.mk and sweep. Remember that standing makes whiff punishing easier because when you crouch, your hurtbox is a little bit bigger than when you are standing. Simply speaking, if you crouch, you might block certain pokes that would whiff if you’re standing. I’d say whiff punishing is 80% reads and being in the right spacing and 20% reaction.

  4. There are 2 Kara Raidas you can do.
    First and the most known is using the command dash. The input is qcf+hcb+lk,lk+hp. It can be hard to get used to.
    Second and an easier one is using tsumuji. The input is just hcb+lk,lk+hp. Since tsumuji motion is qcb, the hcb will overlap it if you correctly plink the lk,lk+hp. It covers less range than the kara command dash, but it still function the same as kara with command dash. The command dash is more stylish.
    EX Raida can also be used. It greatly adds the range of the attack with a little bit more damage and stun. You can use this if you’re still having difficulties doing kara raidas.

  5. There’s a guide on how to read frame data in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo: Basic frame data guide for newbies

Going to put all that stuff to the test tomorrow thanks.

So I want to play ibuki and get good where do I start. I may be a very new sf player as in an hour maybe. I decided to buy the game today. This is the character I want to play. What should I practice? What should I learn? What do I need to know?

Does Ibuki have a kara-throw? If she does what are inputs?

Cr.MP and S.MK (MK one is much easier)

What are Ibuki’s best reversals, best footsie tools, anti-air normals and specials?

EX Kazegiri for reversal, f+lk xx lk tsumuji is a good counterpoke st.mk xx lk tsumuji is pretty good for poking and getting pressure going, cr.mp is great for buffering into neckbreaker. B+mp and cr.hp are your go to antiairs. Mostly b+mp (ageman) because the first hit can be canceled into dash for followups. Notably cl.hk kazegiri. cr.hp is sjc so you can cr.hp them and jump forward for a mixup. All of her specials are pretty good. If there are any I don’t think are great they’d be hien which still has uses and tsujigoe which is low invincibile and unthrowable but I don’t know too many uses for it. Some frame kill setups.

So… I remember reading about a shortcut for raida after juggle state. The same way you kazegiri fadc into raida and (if i remember correctly) connect U1. you could do the superjumpmotion earlier and then skip one hc or something like that. For some reason i can not do it anymore. Can anyone help me out? I’d also love some advice on what to train in preparation for Ultra. I’ve tried to work on my game without using any form of vortex (even though i know there is still some options for it in ultra) but other than that im still just on the same training regiment and working through the bible. Would love to hear your preparations and ideas for becoming a better Ibuki in Ultra.

I wonder about the (hidden) changes: Is b+MP 2nd hit special cancellable?

EDIT: just tested it, doesn’t work… so they really taken that one out :\

No way…can anyone confirm?

Oh wait, NVM–so long as first hit is cancelable, no big deal.

Simple question: does ibuki knife air throw still cross up?

Wrong post

kunai can still cross up

How does one play solid with ibuki I want to be seriously good with her the lost I’ve ever been is like 1300pp in ae which I never kept in ultra I’m like 300 just being scrubbed out. I want to improve I don’t know what solid game play is with her. Then with nerfs to knockdowns now what ?

What should I be spending my meter on? Other than ex neckbreaker and saving it for a super I don’t really spend it too much.