Ibuki Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

that worked perfectly man, thanks!

The link between lk.Tsumuji and s.lp is one frame right?
Also, where did the general discussion thread go?

Edit: Also, is there a list of her frame data from the final build anywhere? would be handy to have.

Does Ibuki have any exceptional approach options? So far I’ve been trying kunai > target combo, but that’s getting my dumb ass destroyed to the point where I just “zone” with kunai.

Anything for opponents blocking low? As a Ken player I can jump in, make them block high, then do a low kick and if they don’t block low I get a combo in anyways. Does Ibuki have anything similar? Her target combos are amazing for mixing it up, but are never a gaurantee for a tick throw. Or am I just going to have to relearn how I know to rush down?

What is a TK kunai? How is it useful?

can someone explain what the vortex is exactly, I was trying to follow it in the thread someone made about but I don’t really understand it lol
is it just a meaty kunai on wakeup or what

Thanks for putting this togehter DevilJin! Here’s an addition, credit to FoxHawk for this.

Ibuki Cheat Sheet (damage/combos/stun)

That guide is saying you can combo cr.hp to tk kunai and then back to s.lp? When would you even go for that combo? cr.hp is pretty damn slow

What kinds of option selects are you guys using/or are available? I’ve been using a few myself but not all of them are completely useful. :lol:

guys is there any tip on the TK kunai ? i’m having a very hard time executing it, its usually just me whiffing a jumping attack

s.LP, Max range df+MK slide. Max range sweep to jump in or command dash forward. Just work on getting a knockdown with sweep and go to town.

Well a TK move is usually doing a move with the traditional Super Turbo method of doing a Tiger Knee with Sagat. That’s d,df,f,uf (plus the kick button). Basically doing a hadoken motion but continuing to move one more direction up and pressing a button. This allows u to do air based moves very close to the ground. With Ibuki though I generally don’t do this. I feel u can start her kunais really close to the ground without having to do the traditional tiger knee method. What I do is basically do is just motion u,d,df,f+P. So basically as soon as you press up just motion into a hadoken and press punch. Allows u to do one pretty close to the ground.

Yeah it’s pretty much a meaty kunai on wake up. The idea is to super jump forward while throwing the kunai so u get the most frame advantage when they wake up. You also want to jump forward as ambiguously as possible so it’s harder to block. Just like Dhalsim teleport shenanigans the opponent has to block where u are on the screen. Your body is crossing them up. All the kunai does is lock them in place and keep them from using most reversals without dying.

Probably after a j.HP or HK or something. I haven’t really messed with any of the long combos yet. I like my easy mode s.LP or c.LP to neck break and fish for it over and over until they’re stunned.

I’ve been working on an option select against stuff like Akuma’s PPP teleports. Like basically buffer HP neck break immediately after a safe jump if u know he’s going to teleport. Not really good with option select stuff though (especially with Ibuki’s) so better off waiting for someone else to figure shit out.

Read the above response I made about TK kunai.

mhm ok so i shouldnt worry too much about tk kunai and just do the motion as u said, and it’ll be just as effective?

I don’t really think its possible to fully TK a kunai in 1 motion. I have only ever done it by pressing jump and then inputing the motion. That said, you can get it extremely close to the ground this way regardless, so it doesn’t matter

I’m a pretty basic Ibuki player right now. For the moment, I like to just go for the cr.lp, st.lp, cr hk link. Seems really eassy to pull off, and gets me knockdown. (not that I do to much with this because my vortex sucks!) But just wondering… the st.lp into neckbreaker would ideally be preferred correct?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with linking into cr.hk for the knockdown cause you’re right, you do set up the vortex from there. However, as DevilJin was saying, the neckbreaker finisher adds more stun and you can also set up the vortex from there. Personally I’ve been doing cr.lp cr.lp st.mk neckbreaker if I am able to land the cr.lp in the first place mostly because the opponent is usually crouch blocking
(the st.lp whiffs :sad:).

having trouble doing target combo 1 consistently any tips. i am able to do it once in a while but its never intentional i always smash and i don’t want to do that

I do the same shit, it’s like muscle memory just has me doing cr.hk links (or trying to, but s.lp whiffs so much :frowning: ), I need to break that habit… so lately I’ve been really focusing on going from cr.lp to s.lk, s.mk, neckbreak. Neckbreaker sets up the vortex better, but a cr.hk sets up great for cross ups I suppose.

I’ve also been working on that combo as it’s really easy to do, when I remember it!

What have you been finishing with when you don’t get this hit-confirm? MK Tsumuji for the safe on block? Or perhaps a CD given that you’re already buffering the neckbreaker motion, it’s easier to switch to kick instead of reverse direction.

What I tend to do from a cr.lp is… cr.lp, st.lk,st.mk, lk.Tsumuji, st.lp. Then from that last st.lp you could then do cr.mp > neckbreaker > vortex. or, you could do another st.mk > lk Tsumuji.Oorrrrrrr, you could just do a crouching HK for a knockdown. The link from lk.tsumuji > st.lp is pretty tight, But I’m landing it quite often in matches now.

I have a couple of questions which I would really appreciate to be answered.

  1. Vortex on Gouken: My friend plays a decent Gouken and everytime I try to use Ibuki’s Vortex I get Gouken’s Reversal (reverse SRK). Now, am I doing the Kunai too late that he’s getting the chance to do that or is it because Gouken’s reversal considered a focus attack type thing (which from what I understood is that Focus Attacks are pretty much the only things people can do when getting Vortexed)?

  2. I get raped on the ground, alot. I know Ibuki’s pokes are weak compared to Chun for example, but what am I supposed to do when I’m getting rushed down with pokes, sweeps, lp spam, cross ups, throws and all that shit at once? The second I try to do anything I get either SRK’d or something similar. I sit there crouched blocking for my life. Am I supposed to try and run away to reset the position?