Ibuki Rush down, Rushed Down

Hi there, I’ve been playing Ibuki for a while, I know a lot about her and what she is capable of and in most situations i can rush down the oppenent keep a mix up game going and eventually stun and finish,
But every now and then when somebody decides to rush me down i tend to lose a lot of health and this slows down my game and i lose my rythem and eventually get beat, Whats the best way to get out of a situation where somebody is all over you doing cross overs and block strings.

Any Advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers, John

tl,dr: Block. Or don’t get put in a situation where your opponent is able to rush you down.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, the key to being a good Ibuki is to learn good defense. You will often find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s cross-ups, vortex, mixups, and frame traps, and learning how to get out of that situation and create your own openings is key.

Try to pay attention to their attack pattern and analyze whether they just like to do blockstrings, go for a lot of frame traps, go for a throw after 2 jabs, etc etc. For the most part, just simply block their attacks and utilize your quick backdash or focus+backdash on the trail end of their attack string to create some distance. Try practicing your cr.throw-tech OS as late as possible to avoid getting hit by a mis-timed attack, and whenever you’re on the defensive, a throw-tech is a win for you. Even on wakeup, an instant focus+backdash will keep you safe from many option-selects and gives you a bit of breathing room.