Ibuki SAI question: Harder to do after qcf+k?

Hey guys…

This is a question that I’m sure is very valid. I am able to do tiger knee SAI a majority of the time by itself, but have a lot of difficulty doing it after qcf+k. For instance, I know about the importance of being able to do it after using standing MK - qcf+k. Option one is to throw (lp+lk) after the command run and option two is to do superjump to SAI to counter a throw attempt.

I’ve tried it numerous times during practice mode at home and I just can’t get off the ground after MK - qcf+k. Does the MK negates the previous inputs? Or is it a timing issue? It’s like the game doesn’t allow me to use qcf+k as the first part of the motions for superjump to super. I don’t know, but I wish I knew how to do this better so that I could improve on this vital aspect of Ibuki’s game.

Thanks for any advice.

Hopefully some more experienced players than myself can chime in also, but I also haven’t had any success at all using the QCF of the command dash as part of the super jump into super motion. After executing the QCF + K for the command dash, I’ll start from down on the joystick, then start moving the stick toward and up. Once airborne in a jump toward the opponent, I swing the stick around quickly the rest of the way to complete a 360, then input the second QCF for the super, which ends up being a 450 motion, and then hit punch to get the super off. So standing forward, command dash, then 450 motion into super, with the initial part of the 450 being somewhat slower than the rest in order to get the jump towards the opponent.

I’d also love to hear from other folks on this issue…can the QCF from the command dash be used as part of the super jump/super motions?

AFAIK…you can’t use the input for the command dash as a buffer for TK SA1 afterwards. There’s too much lag inbetween the command dash and the point in which you would take to the air for the game to be able to just buffer it in. You just have to be quick about getting two qcf motions in and obviously the second motion being TK’d to complete the super. You could try to do 1 and half circle motion if that makes it easier for you but the idea is just to do the motion correctly just before the point that Ibuki recovers from the qcf. Of course you want to make sure that you use the LK command dash after a s.MK or chain combo.

My arm gets really tired if I try to do an additional qcf + tiger knee and punch after LK command dash before the qcf + kick motion ends. Not to mention that my timing is not that great, so I end up getting all klutzy/spazzy with the joystick and Ibuki ends up sticking to the ground and sticking out a jab instead of doing SAI super. It’s hard enough to do qcf + lk to SAI, but to add a standing MK to the beginning of that… it really makes it difficult for me, for some reason.

This is the way I saw the whole process before I posted…

Do qcf + lk motion after standing MK
IMMEDIATELY do super art joystick motions from scratch (I usually do qcf, TK)
Hit punch button after Ibuki’s qcf + lk animation ends

Doing this netted me next to no success during training.

However, I did try doing more of a 360 motion (actually more like a 585 degree motion) like you suggested, and it works a little better. It’s not a quick superjump like I’ve seen others do, but she does leave the ground. After the qcf + lk, I did a joystick motion which went from down to forward to up to back to down to forward-up. Keep in mind, I do this a lot slower and the jump is not immediate. I have tried going faster, but it isn’t working out very well. I have been practicing this in training mode, so I don’t know if the jump will come out before the opponent can throw me or retaliate with DP before the jump.

Is it really THAT hard to do? =( Or am I just bad at this?

Depends on what type of stick you’re using. If you’re using a hard spring American stick it can be tought to do circular motions consistantly. As opposed to a Sanwa stick where you barely have to use your wrist. I’m used to Sanwa sticks now and generally the motions for me are easier on those sticks. If you’re playing at the arcade though you’re probably using arcade sticks and those can tend to be more difficult to do motions on depending on the stiffness of the spring. It helps when the switches are working correctly under stick as well. Some arcades have really beat up sticks that they barely ever fix.

I play at home with a modded Pelican stick, American bat-handle. It’s a tight spring, but not very responsive. I would like to buy a stick for XBox with Sanwa parts (either commercial, modded or homemade), but since I’m moving to Japan at the end of July, I’d probably end up playing in arcades instead of Live. Hopefully they will have Sanwa sticks there.

As for 3rd Strike cabs… there hasn’t been one in a local establishment in my area , ever. I used to play 2nd Impact at the local University, but they refused to get 3rd Strike because of the lack of interest in SF games back in those days. That, and they didn’t want to shell out the cash for a kit.

In the meantime, I will continue to play on Live here and there until possibly end of May. The lease on my rented house is up at that time, and I’ll be temporarily shacked up with the ‘rents until I leave for JPN. Depending on how much time I have and the connection at my parents’ house (they live in the boonies), I may or may not continue to play on Live. I’m definitely out of Live after end of July.

Thanks for the info DJ.