Ibuki stun juggles

Mainly what I’m looking for are some corner stun combos after her lp mp c.hk s.hk launcher. I’m looking for a combo that’s not just sjc towards and then lp fp air combo. I tried doing a jab then f hk but it does 1 less damage than the lp fp air combo follow up.

Also some combos following a cl. hk. All I think I can do is just mk qcf lk and b mp fp mk srk

So far what I have is unfulfilling. Since Ibuki stuns like fuck I want to know some stun juggles

agaisnt light characters like chun li. in the corner. you can lp,mp, cr.hk, s.hk (launch), df. mk (juggle otg), cr.hk (juggle otg), s.hk.

Basically, the df. mk. (sliding kick) adds an extra hit that you wont be able to get against other charactrs… You dont have to finish it off with the cr.hk (juggle otg), s.hk. you could do other stuff like lp, f+hk.

Nice… thanks

By the way isn’t feint a verb? :razz: