Ibuki target combo 50/50 after ex Kunai. Help

Hi guys after ex Kunai -> HK.Dash -> st.lp x Mk air target combo. How do you dash and land behind the opponent, i seem to always stay in front.
I have done it a couple of times and landed behind by accident but i cant seem to get even a 10% success rate can some body help please.

(for me doing forward dash too late was cause)

i divided the setup in 3 steps and i have it pretty much down.

1 do the command dash when you hear Ibuki shout(or when explosive kunai passes char)
2 press lp when you see Ibuki is airborn and then delay mk a bit
!!this was my issue press double forward instantly after mk button!! for me i was doing it too late.Fwd dash comes out soonest when i do it like this.

Thanks for the help.

I still dont understand what you mean by pressing forward dash instantly after mk button, because it takes a while for her to land? i tried mashing it worked a couple of times but i still keep landing infront :frowning:
I don’t know how some players do it so consistently, its such an important part of her gameplay.

what i mean is when doing tc press
lp delay mk forward forward no pause between mk and forward forward
thats what made my successrate going from 10/20% to 80+
if you do this and dash doesnt come out means mk wasnt delayed enough.

dont wait until ibuki lands

at least thats how it worked for me

Someone made this in the discord to help people.

Cross under after the air target combo by delaying the lp and mk after the command jump. The difference in timing is subtle but can be learned with practice and getting a ‘feel’ for it (note: it does not work on big body characters like Gief, Alex, Birdie and Boxer). Example: https://gfycat.com/UnluckyHonoredHarvestmouse

I thought you used the command dash light to land in front or the medium command dash to land in back of them, would make way more sense. Actually I think I’ve done it this way.

I’m not sure that would work since the LK command dash would most likely already cross up and the MK one would move you too far away and recover too slowly to work as any type of mix up.

actually it does work with with lk dash front or back thats how i did it in beginning.But its 5frames? slower so you should use forward dash.

Do the air dash as fast as possible.
Press jab as fast as possible.
Delay the MK a bit ( I wait until ibuki is closer to the ground than the opponent )