Ibuki thread

This is the new thread since nobody has bothered posting at all.


lk, mk, hk

lk, mk, Raida

lk, mk, Kazekiri

lp, mp cancel into Raida

hold back mp cancel into hp, Kazekiri

lp, mp, c.hk, hk

Feel Free to post anything more.

whohhoooo IBUKI!!!

so much hotter than poison or makoto…or even chun li…damn huge ass thighes

anyways. whats the best way to approach the shotos? in particular, ken

reset or not?

Is it better to reset your opponent (rh after sweep, mp after rh launch, etc.) so they land on their feet or let them hit the ground?

I usually reset them and dash in with a raida or throw. I’ll also mix in a few short command dashes to draw out supers or dragon punches. However, when Ibuki gets someone on the ground, she can really mess with them with crossovers and dashing back and forth so they block the wrong way. The resets seem to keep the pace faster, but can be exhausting. I find myself letting them fall when I get tired, mixed up, or the battle just isn’t going well. Any opinions?

Dang, never realized how much stun his j. fierce gives. Woohoo… C. rh, S. rh, j. fierce, twd+j. fwd nearly stun Akuma.

I’ve had some success against Ken by staying around sweep range, especially when he’s on the ground. This takes away his wake-up dragon punch. I move in and out with raidas and throws to mix things up. Also, the jab trap works great if you throw or sweep after a few jabs.

is there anything that comboes into either her SA 2 or either of her overheads? (mp+mk UOH or forward mk command over head)

Using a DC Pad what setup do you all suggest when using Ibuki?

Right now to do her comboes the best I’m using:

L-Middle Punch

*Originally posted by Sleipnir *
**Using a DC Pad what setup do you all suggest when using Ibuki?


Man I would say just get a stick. :slight_smile:

Super Art 2

Using Ibuki’s hcb+k you may cancel the second kick into super. :wink:

I can’t get this all the time, but it has successfully worked when I got it.

lk, mk, mk kazekiri–>Yoroi Doshi.

After a jump attack it should do up to 19 hits, I think. It looks nice and works okay but I prefer the other version of SA2.

One combo that seems very effective during a match (standing close) is her s.lp, s.mp, c.hk, s.hk.

what i like to do against big guys iike hugo in the corner is:

jab, strong, fierce, ex kick uppercut, while descending press forward and tap jap then fierce, once you land tap mk, then do a backwards fireball motion to do an ex spinning back kick.

you can actually connect more moves but this is very economical and gives massive stun damage.

EDIT: her thighs aren’t huge. it’s just air.

Is it possible to cancel the EX version of Ibuki’s RDP+K? I was playing against my friend’s Q, and it looked like I cancelled the move into an EX Kubiori (QCF+P) right after her two kicks to the face.

It’s all about the exposed hips.

When going shotos, I find most people like to block low all the time, one of my friends who is “good” at ken falls for overheads way too often. My advice is to make liberal use of her toward+mk overhead, which is linkable into ex spin-kcik (forget what it’s called).

Also, her low mk has lots of priority, and remember to air throw a lot and use air-chains on fags who get cocky with parrying.

An experiment that seemed to work was an ex game, begin with the ex jumping double kick, throw an ex knife before you land, and dash forward (command dash), parry and do this, or just go straight into the slide.

I prefer the one-hit yoroi doshi because it does an insane amount of damage, and to combo into it would be worth it if they’re near death but seems like a bit of a waste if you don’t connect nearly all the hits otherwise.

David, should I tell them your super-seekrat strategy for landing the yoroi doshi super?

… but… but that would make ibuki become top tier…

again, she doesn’t have large thighs. it’s air. when she transforms into her street clothes they’re thin like chopsticks.

Yeah, I was about to mention that. It explains why she can neither dish it out nor take it, but you have to admit, her feet are still kinda big.

One more thing, her back+mk chains into her toward+mk.

… it’s toward mk chaining with back mk. that’s a good one to link with super number 3 if anybody uses that crap.

I swear, it’s back+mk chaining into forward+mk. Maybe you mean forward+mk linking into neutral mk, but I swear… the one where she’s doing one of her spin kicks kinda slow, that’s back mk and it chains, though it doesn’t combo the move does cancel.

anyone have any good matches or combo vids for ibuki?:smiley:

thanks =)