Ibuki twelve otg

listed on a site jinrai told me about all i did was do it and cap it


Hmm this is interesting as I’ve seen her SA II actually grab a falling Gill.

Vid’s not working for me True_Tech, what is it? Ibuki doing her SAII while Twelve is OTG?

have you tried this on other characters? I would be interested to know why this only works on twelve andif I could do it with like necro, I mean it woudl seem I should be able to do it with necro’s slam dance off the light tornado hook.

Hmmm weird, I tried other characters didn’t get it to work. Then i tried other throws on twelve with some weird setups and no luck. It has something to do with the hit frame he’s in when falling but I haven’t found a way to setup that smae hit frame with other characters who have grabs

naw its twelve only jinrai knows the sites that list all the otgs he asked me to record this one and i just posted it up

there’s a similar one vs. Gill.

it was in one of SlimX’s vids.


Oh plz do post the link!

hope you can read japanese lemme ask jinrai what it is

He doesn’t even hit the floor. Doesn’t look it anyways.

he doesn’t