Ibuki ultra findings?



The point of this thread is just to update her plz share as i’m a scrub, i will add to OP your findings or corrections. i read it all and little abt ultra. She is abt most played in japan arcades and anywhere…she is good but i like her.

All the old stuff works aside from sj canceling Cr. HK, st HK into something to prevent the -7 punish so if she uses that she dies.

DWU is figure out what normal you used to time whatever move then find a combo of normals that add 11 frames to that…or from whoever Xian (evo champ) stole it from you can neck break then go for a jump LK cross up and if you see the technical flash for DWU you can throw a kunai to start vortex.

NEW COOL STUFF! I have seen nothing discussed or done in matches by anyone that wasnt old school so let’s git gud.

Her 3 frame cr. lp is god like and allows players non sako to start combos easily with cr. lk!!! - cr. lk to st lp wasn’t bad but had many restrictions. This opens up the cool options like empty jump to cr. lk for tons of damage. Also, is a much better get off me move, when spammed is hard to do anything for the opponent when they have negative frames. Wake up cr. lp / block option select. I have never seen it mentioned or seen in match but Yun has an option select lp lp or lp punch to beat back dash…ibuki can do that with spin kicks on some if is a wake up thing.

I like her new target combos…and never see them used…st lp, mp , hp is worthless imo as is a punish and can get more damage and hard kd but close st. hp cr hk, st. s hk …f.j hk…is not bad OKI, yet ppl press buttons so that j HK is often instant wakeup…and 300 damage…can meaty easy and use option selects. if delayed can can meaty or block…dwu means can scare them with something and do it again or not. for real are better damage opertunities and oki but…is new so make your own stuff up for it.

Cr. HK…same as ever a good footsie but since can’t stand cancel or option select spin kick is unsafe so cr HK is a move and I have yet to find anything to follow up with…she is no akuma but plz let me know as cr. HK is new footsie but -9 so top players will ULTA you.

St. Hp…so goooood footsie…if option select on wiff gl punishing and hit confirm if close into anything, yet I see none use it, why?

After testing a ton but may be wrong…her DP…is negative and can be punished after AFDC. is hard to execute and unexpected since 3 ex…better use but is needed often enough and top players will punish it (2 frame link)…also not mentioned in notes.

The improved ts goe is awesome I found left right mix ups on cr. HK…is instant at worst you take air damage which is low…at best is 50/50 after cr. HK lands. TBH i want more tech of this as is my fave move…so slow but god like and is hard for over half the cast to do anything…remember she can do kunai to get beat but meh after cr HK is all i have yet…feed me more.

raida jugle potential? i don’t see use.


oh yeah…she can not combo after red fadc cancel from second hard spin kick…many didn’t know could cancel it but is no reason to know it as it does not work…if it did…she would be #1 as her meter usage id weak.


A lot of the things you mentioned were already discussed since week 1. Please read through the General Discussion thread.


Absolutely nothing new has been discussed in that thread aside from loop changes which i didn’t mention and St HP red focus which I didn’t mention. Also 90% of those post have nothing to do with anything. Isn’t specific to Ibuki, only thing I have ever learned from general was cammy’s safe spiral arrow on wake up into cannon spike a couple weeks after vanilla dropped and though it is still safe…the juggle follow up is off in ultra so she misses to much and I have no clue why (that tech has been my thing so i know) and DWU makes it a 50/50 anyway.

Well to be fair there was a single post mentioning her command jump recovery…zero applications or any followups…there has to be applications with it…like new stuff…cr. HK. safe command jump into left right low cr lk cr lp st mk xxxx die. I have seen nothing abt her cr HK ever and isn’t a great one after the nerf but works…I had zero follow ups to it before ultra.


We had this kind of guy in the Cammy subs too, if you ignore it he might disappear


Considering the video thread, the general discussion thread, the matchup thread has NOTHING new for Ibuki…yet Ibuki got new stuff…AND most of the post in all are irrelevant and a waste of time.

I will never post here again…stay free.

Is very sad that two posters would mention general chat where NONE of what I posted is discussed and I was looking for more discussion into applications…moon doesn’t even have ULTRA street fighter 4. Ya I had to read that and was worthless information.

what happened two years ago to bring in players that are illiterate?


I do play Ultra. It’s called going to offline sessions. Besides, I don’t need to have the game to find techs. I discovered an unblockable setup, I just asked someone else to do it for me, and it worked.

Bye bye ^___^!


…After reading the topic as a whole I take back what I said.

It’s one thing to post information that may or may not have been posted here, but it’s another to call someone a scrub who calls you out on that in a non negative fasion. Carry on lol


i’m no good but when a bunch of 2-3-year-old players jump on me when they are absolutely wrong…gtfo. Moon tiger and shiro must be illiterate…whatever findings happened in ultra they were not posted anywhere!

This thread got derailed…so I can do whatever like laugh at the video thread where ibuki is often played poorly.

I was looking for a constructive post but OMG what a bunch of losers.


lol this thread.