Ibuki V-Reversal Uses



For the moment it seems that Ibuki has one of the weakest V-Reversals in the game. However, it does have a nifty ability to teleport her right in front of the opponent if used on a projectile. Yet, the recovery for that is something like 25 frames which leaves her wide open. Thus making this a useless feature.

Has anyone found any uses for her V-Reversal other than a standard “Get the hell off me” move?


I don’t think Capcom inteded the v-reversal teleport animation to be anything other than an aesthetic ninja-like flair. The use of v-reversal is the same as any other character: when you want to shift momentum, lower your stun meter, and/or to avoid scenarios where you have to guess (mostly frame disadvantageous situations like Mika’s st.hk). It is worth mentioning that you can get additional pressure after Ibuki’s v-reversal by doing a medium command dash right after. From what I understand you get a free meaty everytime you connect a v-reversal.


You get a knockdown and a meaty off vreversal, how is it one of the worst in the game lmao


How do I grab a meaty from this? I’m not sure how to set that up.

Is it literally MK dash to s.MP?


Some characters just have weaker V Reversals than others. Hers is a bit slow compared to some of the faster ones so its a bit easier to jump over or bait compared to others. Like said though, it still causes a knockdown if you place it right against buttons that have enough block stun/total frames for you to V Reversal safely. Plus she already has a 3 frame jab, 3 frame special move and EX DP to deal with pressure.