Ibuki (video) PLAYER GUIDE

I’m testing out a video of a series I might get around to completing. Please let me know if you like the format.


The Ibuki (book) PLAYER GUIDE, and Ibuki (video) PLAYER GUIDE are to help new and/or experienced Ibuki players become better fighters. Written by Izuna and RedCaliburn, and overseen by MingoDynasty.

Ibuki (book) PLAYER GUIDE rev.2 comes out 21/08/2011.

  1. Why do you do st.LP in between st.MP and st.MK? Unless for some reason you have trouble doing 2f links (in a multi 1f link combo… lol), it’s a waste of scaling.

  2. Kind of nit picky, but you should record with the training room music off, if you’re going to put different music in the video. Having both overlap kind of just generates noise.

  3. Who are those three kunoichis in the background? I only know of Maki from CvS2.

  4. You don’t really explicitly say what the input is for kara raida. You just simply turn on input display. I would say you should at least zoom in on it or something, but your inputs are a mess lol.

  1. Ah I use this combo myself as a meaty set-up. st.MP (blocked) st.MK isn’t desireable, so I hit-confirm with st.LP myself.

  2. Yes haha, I realised that a bit too late. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

  3. (from the left) Momiji - Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword; Ayame - Tenchu series

  4. Ah cool. Then using the SRK symbols and pasting them into the text should be good right? :d::df::hcb::k:~:hp:

  1. If that’s the case, then your opponent is most likely crouching. And if that’s the case, then you really are making it into an Abel only combo.
  2. I guess.

Works fine for me against characters like Gouken, Viper, Dhalsim ect.

Pretty sure you’re just auto-piloting. If you look at all your responses to other people, you always tell them to do ST.MP into ST.LP instead of straight up MK. Always bothered the hell outta me also. Whatever works for you I guess, but that’s not the best way to go about it.

What…? Unless you’re doing a Tsumuji Loop the best combo is st.MP, st.MP, st.MK, but vs. Abel you can Tsumuji loop him twice if you don’t. What does this have to do with autopiloting? Also, where are these responses?

(with LP) Stun = 511, Damage = 357
(without LP) Stun = 558, Damage = 398

st.MP, st.MP, st.MK xx LK Tsumuji, st.LP, st.MK xx EX Tsumuji, kara~Raida
Stun = 597
Damage = 401

The purpose of this clip isn’t to show anything other than the kara~Raida, but whatever. If the opponent is crouching you can only Tsumuji Loop them once anyway, so you don’t even need to use the kara~Raida.

dp sorry

What the hell, CViper isn’t even tsumuji loopable lol. Are we playing the same game?

Looking forward to seeing more of these :slight_smile: thanks…

Pretty neat, much appreciated. Howeverrrr, if you’re going to start doing these videos then you might want to start out with some less situational tools. This is useful in like 1 matchup for 1 purpose, but you can just mash dp instead of raida in this instance anyway. It’s some good info but I’m sure people would be more interested in vortex or option select options.

I agree with prorook :slight_smile: i’m very interested in seeing some more down to basic ibuki play like working on some SJC’s? option selects? vortex options and ways to land ultra 2 and 1 (with or w/o sjc’s) thanks!

Yeah this is just a test of format really. I’ve come across a few moments where I needed the kara-Raida, but as you say, just do Kazegiri instead. Thanks, I might actually do this properly in the near future.

I don’t mean the full combo lol, I mean the st.MP as a meaty. IMO it’s better than cr.MP because you can set it up easier, and cr.MP, st.LP is really unreliable. =(

Raida is definitely superior to kazegiri. Easy safe jump setup afterward or vortex opportunity, which kazegiri doesn’t really offer.

Unless of course you can win the round off of the reset (Kazegiri FADC). That’s such a gimmick though. haha

If you really need the damage, I suppose. But it’s probably a lot safer to go for the safe jump or vortex into blockstring to build some meter, then spend everything on EX kazegiri xx FADC frame trap.

Jesus, I thought it’d be obvious we were talking about the jab you add after the ST.MP for no reason. You always recommend that. There’s no reason to add that jab unless you’re scared of missing the MK after.

That’s you auto-piloting.

I even put up the data for with and without the LP, so what are you talking about? If you think st.MP is a good enough hit-confirm then fair-enough, there’s not point in even having the Tsumuji Loops.

I honestly don’t understand how you can be so stupid.

What combos are you doing in bold?