Ibuki vortex, how do we get out of it?

Hello fellow enthusiasts of the claw, i present to you a connundrum in which i need your help.

I was at a tournament yesterday and in the finals i faced an Ibuki who would repeatedly do the following combo,


During the tournament i was locked into it and tried many combinations to get out on wake up such as st, backflips of both intensities, ex fba’s, and nothing, before i knew it i was stunned and the crowd behind me was roaring at his perfect health. Lucky for me he slipped a bit and i managed to pull a cr.mk>ex fba to scare him a bit but in the end he still won.

Now can anyone help me in my dilemma? Either any suggestions for the match up, any preventative tools, or counters towards the vortex itself?

It is greatly appreciated my brethren.

well if you read the description it says its totally safe and guaranteed with a few exceptions.

I tried lots of options as well with other characters and I can confirm with the description that the kunai is hitting you the exact moment you are getting up so you can’t do anything unless they messed up.

Basically if you are caught the only thing you can do is block the mix up. always block high/cross up first then immediately block low preparing to deal with watever they will mix up with next.

You have to prevent the situation from happening and beat her well in footsies, sit on the lead and run away. People say its hard for her to get in but I don’t really agree completely. Once she gets in though she is going to stay in with lots of fast pressure games.

She has no range, so keep her outside of her combo range. She literally has no real pokes besides maybe cr. mp and hk which are both pretty slow. If she does get in you just need to learn where the knife falls and always block where she is, don’t worry about trying to block the knife cuz that’s how you get crossed up, just gotta follow her body. Once you’re caught just block and get ready to tech throw. If you can just throw in a flip to test her reactions to see if she’s ready o punish it or if she’s going all out and not even thinking. When it gets really bad, just get ready to use U2 to either escape the vortex or catch her when she lands.

Just remember, the only way she can get in on you is if YOU mess up and let her or you get caught by one of her gimmicks (full/mid screen neck breaker or jump ins). She can’t really spam projectiles and try to get close cuz the kunai can be knocked out of the air easily and usually leave her open when she lands. Her footsies kind of suck cuz all of yours out range hers and are faster. Don’t try to counter her vortex, just get space and keeps her out.

Yea Shack has the right idea.

I am an ibuki player as well and I find Vega to be one of the hardest matchups for her. He is way faster than her and outpokes her really badly.

As for the vortex, if she is using a crossup after neckbreaker. And you get hit while crouching it may stop her cause the distancing may cause her Target combo to miss if you are crouched.

If you know its going to cross up at that height I am pretty sure you could FA back dash it. My vortex is also not very effective to Vega do to the TC missing at certain distances and my timing issue since his timing is different. If you want to see my vortex here is a video of me using it in a match.



That’s the good thing about Ibuki. She’s going to teach everyone else how to block. Sure SFIV gives u a lot of reason to reverse out of every situation but good players know how to option select and bait all of your reversals. If u just block and look for a sitaution to escape afterwards you’ll save super meter and your life bar.

I was trying out these tactics against my friend that plays ibuki and they have helped me keep up to him more, by keeping my distance and not allowing him to use any of his combo starters or cross ups, thank you for the advice.

Also, I am not sure if anyone has figured this out before but i am just throwing it out there, that ibuki’s kunai can be cancelled when hit head on, for example, if ibuki throws a kunai and cody does a hk ruffian kick, the ruffian kick will knock out the kunai while cody does not receive damage, it is an interesting little tip, yet i have not tried it out with any of vegas moves, i will be sure to post back here with a list that can “break” her kunai.

There’s no need for a list at all. ALL moves with an active striking hitbox in the entire game can stop the kunai dead in its tracks. Same thing with Cody’s knife. This goes back to Final Fight where any active attack would stop thrown weapons.

Cosmic heel goes straight through kunais. Not really useful when in a vortex but still.

Oh yeah and one more thing, most ibukis try to focus a lot. I was playing her and trying to pick her up a week or 2 ago and realized that this is because that is the only way to guarantee a combo setup. So always expect that focus attack and 2 hit it or grab a lot.

My friend does that alot.

You just need to block it, his low attack that looks like a grab is not a grab, so you need to block that part low…

Or simply, you can ex.st, it should auto-correct and hit ibuki before she hits the floor.


Yeah I’m like the only Ibuki that doesn’t spam focus. Which is kinda good cuz it’s a bad habit to get into since her focus attack is only good for specific footsie situations. Shit is not Ryu or Sagat status at all. Plus the only other character I really mained was C.Viper and her focus attack was shit so I learned to fight without focus. Ibuki can definitely open u up plenty without focus attack.

lots of good info here. I have been having trouble with ibuki matchups online. the vortex is really getting to me. but i guess i just need to zone better and not make mistakes. I realized that when i play ibukis and i know her low health, i get super aggressive and the opponent just wait for my mistakes.

I’m getting owned by our local Ibuki, but I found the best way to not get vortexed, as others said, is to just not let her in. Poke her away.

Ibuki is relitively hard to izuna drop but FBA works well if she throws out a anti air on wake up. IMO this match up is all about who sets the pace but Claw has the advantage. He can out poke her meaning he can turtle. He can also use those pokes to do offensives. Ibuki can’t turtle nearly as well as Claw but has a better offensive in general. Plus Claw has more HP meaning you can experiment atleast once whether you want to go offensive or defensive.

Block is the only correct answer.
But it’s worth nothign that EX RCF has projectile invincibility and can take you quite far.
EX ST does as well, but I don’t think it would aurocorrect.
Ultra 2 can autocorrect, but I’m fairly sure she can just land and block it.

But remember her option selects. They can setup a kunai just where its cross up and Claw can’t ST in time. Timing is nifty but some people can pull it off (talking about Ibuki). And yea… Ultra II usually gets blocked outright or it whiffs then slides off to somewhere.

Great info here, my friend’s vortexis harsh.

In that video you posted…it clearly shows that the vortex can be blocked. :wtf:

I have yet to be owned by an Ibuki with Vega, but then I play online so…