Ibuki vs Makoto - Battle of the Aggressors

As you know, Ibuki takes damage heavily and relies on putting offensive pressure on the opponent to prevent this. Makoto also has little defense and is mostly attack.
When Ibuki and Makoto matches up, its got great potential to be a great match to see aggressive vs aggressive.

This is clearly illustrated in this Ibuki vs Makoto video here:


post of the fucking year.

can you atleast stay out of the ibuki thread?

Roshi, what character do you play?

You know my primary character is Yang, but I can play other characters too.

Whoa, I can clearly see the super-aggressive-megastyle of both Makoto and Ibuki fighting. Very epic, old chap.

It must ust be me, but Ibuki seems to have the most defensive oriented offense of any SF3TS character. Necro can put together a more solid offense than she can as well as many other characters due to Ibuki’s hp making the risk/reward tradeoff in many situations too far in the opponents favor.

I don’t know… people always talk about her like she’s this in-your-face interface but the good Ibuki’s I see are very calculated and have a very start/stop momentum about them.

That video has some of the srubbiest play ever.

Somehow I see Ibuki vs. Yang to be slightly more epic

Yeah, that’s totally wild as well. Imagine those parry into Mantis Slash combos and then Ibuki retaliating with fearsome combos. It will be a game where both take heavy damage, a very exciting match up to watch.

No it’s not. It’s actually just Ibuki taking phat risks while Yang maintains pressure nwith dive kicks and relatively safe ways to verify into EX pantis slashes for nearly 1/3 life’s worth of damage on Ibuki meaning Ibuki kind of has to spend all her time in the air whittling him down…

Jesus Christ this guy has practically made more threads than my entire time at SRK.

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