Ibuki vs Oro comic

Whutup fellas. I haven’t been here in some time, but some of you probably still remember me. I recently finished a 6 page Ibuki vs Oro comic; check iit oouuuuut. Sorry about Oro’s speech bubbles; I was trying to do something cool with them, but they ended up being a bit on the illegible side, and I’m feeling too lazy to fix them now.







I can tell alot alot plannings went into this and it sure paid off man. Good work!

I like your use of the turtle to show space and time. They’re right by the turtle in one panel then the next they’re far away. The effect you did with Ibuki rambling on in the end was a nice touch too. At first I thought you screwed up the text . i was thinking man thsi is hard to readd…because.shesssss rammmblinngg…!

Very easy to read, follow, and get into. And i’m glad you didn’t let Ibuki land a hit on Oro or something cus I hate her in 3s not because she’s cheap or anything but annoying at times and seems to be a fav among fanboys.

good stuff CW - I like it.

As you said, Oro’s text is a bit hard to read. I also think that opting for a more close-up view for a few panels in the action sequence would add to the overall feel. Other that that I think it’s pretty well done.

good catch… I didn’t even realize that until you brought it up.

way to make a grand return :slight_smile:

Whoa man that’s some great stuff. You should show this stuff to Udon and the SF comic team. I’m sure they’d love it.

Woah! I’m hella impressed! The shots you chose are excellent and the water effects are brillant!

My favorite panels are the one of Oro hanging upside down and the one where he slams Ibuki.

The facial expressions are really good. and the coloring blew me away!

Man, someone give this guy a job NOW!

Yeah, man. This comic has such a great flow. Like DF pointed out with the speech bubble, I like how you added the inverted-clear with red to Oro. I knew right away his tone of voice was to be sorta creepy and lurky. :clap: Awesome awesome work.

This is outstanding work. I can’t believe you did it all! Ibuki and Oro look awesome, epecially Oro. The linework is faultless. The dialogue is great too. I love Ibuki’s sense of character, but i literally can’t read what Oro says in a couple of panels (which you’ve already explained). I really hope your next masterpiece doesn’t take so long. Welcome back!


Chain This Is Excellent work :tup: - youve improved over Your last comic Piece that ive seen - youve captured the setting and the action Choreography Is spot on, The colors look great as well, this is very Inspiring work Man…the rest are just Nit picks, as aforementioned about the word bubbles, but another thing i noticed would be the Facial expressions of Ibuki…(its just a nit pick really) but her face looks a bit relaxed as she is leaping into action,Id give her a more determined look as she is trying to strike out at ORo…But Over all Bro Congrats, this is Sharp work man.

Hey chain guy. his is nice man. More close up shots would be nice, but other than that hats off to you man. I like this.

…I had to really look close at my CPU to see what Oro was saying throughout most of the comic - But this was done very well, excellent indeed…

  • Ephidel

Wow man thats some awsome shit right thar. Along with what everybody else has said my only crit would be that you used the 3/4 view with ibuki a lil much.All you would need to do is replace one or 2 panels though. I would also like to see her expressions a little more exaggerated. Your oro came out awsome! I think you really captured his character well. The fighting scenes were also quite nice.

Hey guys, thanks for the comments and a warm welcome back. I was looking through that SF4 thread just now, and MAN you guys have gotten a lot better since I was last hanging around here.

D-Fist: Hehe, Ibuki is actually my favorite char to use when I play 3S (Oro is my second). Dashing through people annoys the fack out of people because they almost always fall for it. But storyline-wise… there is no fucking way she could take on Oro. :stuck_out_tongue:
Your colors are looking sweet now, btw.

Rook: Thanks. I agree about needing more close-ups. I guess I tend to get a little mid-shot happy.

Hanzou: I actually did show it to Erik Ko at San Diego Con a little bit ago. He gave me a good and insightful portfolio review.

CptMunta: Thanks man!

Kandoken: Thanks. I’m glad you think it flows well. I try to emphasize clear and concise storytelling. Love the Evil Ken sketch in the SF4 thread, man.

jz_chu: Thanks. Yeah, sorry about that illegible text. Your new stuff I’ve seen since coming back has seriously come a long way. If I had a most improved award to give out, I think it would be yours hands down.

Gunstar: Thanks man. I totally agree about her facial expressions being stiff. I’ve been trying to work on my expressions. I bought a facial expressions book and scanned and printed a bunch of faces from it an put them up on my wall right above my drafting table to help me out even :stuck_out_tongue:

SFMC: Thanks dude. Good to see you’re still rockin the wacom sketches.

Travis: Thanks! The text looked ok when I was working on it, but once it was compressed to jpeg or got printed, it looked awful. Oh well.

Doc Sproc: Thanks. I too liked how Oro turned out more than Ibuki.

Damn Chain, Where ya been Son? Comic is so Awesome, im very impressed, now I know what you’ve been up to all this time. Characters look precise and the action is great and not over the top. Your colourz have greatly improved, even though they where good to begin with. Come kick it with us back on DA.

I love that. Great job. I really hope to see more of this kinda stuff in the future. Definitely a great job.

CHAiNwhore, me love you long time.

on Oro’s side i see a close Strong, a Roundhouse (it even stuns Ibuki!), the 63214+P throw, and even his anal backdashing. on Ibuki, i can see a UOH, low Roundhouse, her 421+K stomp, and her 236+K teleport.

i think it’s pretty cool how you worked these in… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments, doods.

Deon: Hehe, I know I should actually update my DA page every once and a while, but I really can’t stand their upload system. Maybe one day I’ll build up enough patience for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, good eye, man. Hehe, good to know that someone picked up on the gameplay elements that I threw in. Ibuki’s 236+K teleport doesn’t actually go through people though, so I guess it’s just her normal dash but with a different pose.

Awesome comic and I’m glad to see SF3 get its props. Only a few minor things. First, aren’t Oro’s eyes sometimes white? Also, Ibuki seemed a smidge more chipper than expected. I thought she tolerated ninjitsu but prefered a “normal” life.

damn!!thats really nice coloring…i wish i could color like that…