Ibuki wake ups

is there any effective wake up called for ibuki?

the only 2 ones i know that semi work is SA 2 and her ex-uppercut

but the ex uppercut every time i do it as a wake up even if it hits as i fall i try to land the 2 hits either heavy punch into forward medium kick etc they always get parried and i get punished big time, even when i throw a kunai and sometimes when i use SA 1 while doing ex uppercut.

so any effective new strats?

i seen our favorite and well loved ibuki, DevilJin01 alter with a dagger.

my ibuki is crazily scrubby, but if those 2 options you tried fail, why not f+mk?

i dont think shotos can punish unless they input the parry with the srk motion.

as for wake up, just block. whats happening to you? learn to tech throw on reaction (not guess, big no-no). the way i do it (especially with ryu chun and akuma) is that they lounge forward very far to grab, and i know its not another attack.

another thing is to react to low/highs. all overheads (imo) are reactable to block.

and dont forget her wake up rdp is a decent move.

edit: DJ get in here and tellum what a pro like u does :tup:

Well if the FP -> f+MK get parried everytime after you do her EX “uppercut”, how about just land and then punish them for tapping forward? Or just do the normal one. The normal one has just as good priority I believe and it knocks them down.

Anyways, I try not to do it as much because if it gets blocked you can get punished.

You can always jab/short after a wakeup to stop them from throwing you or something. Of course that applies to everyone. However, many times on Kaillera I still get thrown. I’m not sure if it’s delay or I’m too slow or they just have priority.

If all else fails. Block!

i just find it extremely dangerous for ibuki to be in a corner with no way out

i dont think the normals knock them down? at least not when i get hit by it. my meaties trade with it, and it stuns me for a sec.

EX goes through pretty cleanly, especially on low attacks.

i hate low jabs cuz low forwards go under them :sad: . it is though a good tactic for a little bit, to get them to start to low forward more.

its dangerous for anyone. with ibuki’s health, i can see what you more. if they start blocking ur shit wake up dash around and beast that.

i think the best thing to do after the EX DP -> SA1, but something a little more practical would be to do the EX kunais.


Its a lot harder to parry. Plenty of time to hit confirm into a combo. If its blocked, it gives a good amount of block stun leaving you relatively safe, and trades DPs from shotos, but you get the worst end of the trade, but it does trade rather than getting hit cleanly out of any other follow up.

Normal dragon does pretty well cos it has alot of reach, Ex dragon into sa1 is the best, dashing forward will work against people going for throw patterns, raida works rarely but for people who predict to parry will get caught, but recently I’m doing a low short into ex qcb+k.

All works, just got to know your opponent.

Yeah it knocks them down. But the 3 or 2(not sure) hits have to all hit.

the safest is to do SA1 but if you want to throw out a combo either a LP -> 6.HP or a HP to standing MK if you think they gonna parry the LP -> HP. The LP -> HP is very fast so only a srk (ex?) will go through it. Other than that anything that sets up for a throw is good, like kunai or j.LP. I would not recomend using normal dragons, 4 frame startup is kindof slow. I find jab more useful maybe even c.LK, or s.MK if the situation is right. Reverse dragon LK is ok too or the dragon HP to get out of sticky situations.

Anyone know if its possible to parry after a ex dragon kick hit?

Ibuki never doesn’t have a way out. At least compared to a majority of the cast. She actually has more ways to get out the corner or at least stop from taking big damage compared to most of the cast.

If you’re afraid of being in the corner then that’s already part of the problem. You can’t be “afraid” of being in the corner. Being in the corner has to be just another part of the game that you must figure out. Like when to parry as you’re coming down from a jump etc. If you treat it as more robotic then what the implications are and what you are thinking emotionally…you’ll be able to get out of more situations. Being afraid and playing Ibuki dont go together.

You have to be at 10 percent health while your opponent is still at 70 percent and still see all the opportunity in the world to take that round. That’s how you have to think with Ibuki. Ibuki has a lot of ways to deal damage and has a lot of ways to force the opponent to make a move at an inopportune time. You may not have one combo that does half life but you can create 3 different mind games and do about the same damage. Not to mention her basic combos do hella stun. If you aren’t going to kill them immediately work on the stun meter to force mistakes later.

People above pretty much explained the majority of Ibuki’s wake up game. Best situation is to have an EX dp ready so you can cancel into super (LP or MP version preferably) to get out of a sticky situation. A few characters can still reverse this with a super if you do this improperly so you’ll want to throw the kunai super where you know the last kunai will hit them and you’ll fall to the ground properly. They can try to red parry and super although that is also risky.

Regular DP (LK preferably) works when you’re in a bind but it’s preferable to use it when the opponent doesn’t have meter. Lots of characters can punish this even on block once they get meter.

Dashing out of the corner works if you understand the opponent is going to hesitate on the wake up as a mind game. Actually another good idea for getting yourself out of the corner is just trying to option select once you understand the opponent isn’t going to meaty you. If you get a parry try for throw or s.MK to hcb+HP. s.MK to hcb+HP will push the opponent to the other side of the screen unable to tech roll and you’ll have plenty of time to get out of the corner.

dp+P or rdp+K are both kinda useful. With dp+P if they dont hit you right on the wake up you’ll flip over them and can throw EX kunais/kunai super to back them into the corner and keep yourself safe while you’re airborne. rdp+K is useful once in a while since it makes you airborne and the LK version you can get away with once in a while if you throw a LP kunai or EX kunai after. Not to mention both of these moves also reset you if you’re hit with a normal attack. Which means if the opponent is a Ken player and they’re looking to short short super you…instead of getting supered the first short will hit and then you’ll reset back on your feet and be able to low block the rest.

EX rdp+K is good to use if you’re close to winning the round and need something to work in a pinch. You’re already like half way in the air once it starts so it works as a fake dp and if you have meter for super then it should definitely be over. Cancel once it hits into super and GG’s. Even if they were to block or parry it you can still cancel to super.

**Smart players just block low. **Trust me… I’ve been in enough tourneys to know you really should just block low. Stand up to block overheads and jumping attacks but otherwise block low. Yet…using some of the above methods are good if you really need to turn the game around or are just tired of the mindtricks they’re pulling on you in the corner. Basically if whatever you do keeps you from taking damage…you’re doing the right thing.

Took me a second to realize that your first paragraph was talking about things to do after EX dp.

c.LP isn’t a bad idea on wake up either. Starts up in 3 frames and hits both standing and crouching opponents. Gives you enough space to cancel into qcb+MK or EX qcb+MK to space yourself out of the corner.

Xenozip confirmed for me that you can’t parry once you’ve started up an EX dp.

I didn’t read the long post… but what I do is normal upper and if they block it cancel super.

I didn’t read that long post either.

i tried the crouching short into the 4 consecutive ex kicks but that doesn’t work to well

thanks deviljin

I’m the only one who does qcb + KK on wake up? I also end it with a low sweep to get seperation if blocked.

It’s risky. Anybody with a decent low poke will own it for free because it goes under her hit box. Chun Li’s c.MK goes right under it and you should almost never use qcb+KK against Chun Li any ways. If she’s crouching (which the one move she uses 50 percent of the time makes her crouch) it wont hit her. Elena and Oro are also too short. That’s why I said it’s better to throw out a c.LP first so there’s a chance it may combo and it’s easier to block after a parry attempt from the opponent. Not to mention c.LP by itself can outprioritize other normals better than qcb+KK. Against normal sized characters…if you really need to do something different on the wake up it’s an option but just be aware that it’s easily stuffed by a meaty or even after you wake up.

this has happen to me on several occasions with chun. i’d just go with wut was said below and just block low. overheads r the only thing to watch out for, and by blocking low u stop alot things

True. I know not to use that move on chun, yang, oro, and Elena. I was just putting it out there for people to see it’s an option. Thank You btw for setting me up with P2P kalliera.