Ibuki What a crazy graduation exam! PC ONRY!



So I’ve been messing around with .clg files and made my own combos for the trials mode it turn out pretty interesting and though people might want to try them too.
These are the 12 combos that I’m trying master

uploaded .clg file > SSFIV>resource>battle>chara>IBK make sure to back up the original

Mingo Combo 1-22


That is amazing… =)


I was thinking of making a set for every character, but it’s confusing when I want moves like f+LK for Ibuki because I don’t know what the code is, or if they even have it in the program.


You sir are a god amongst men. Consider yourself PM’d


Here’s a quote you can use for the thread title: “What a crazy graduation exam!” (3rd Strike, win quote #8). I can change the thread title if you’d like.

More quotes to choose from here: http://www.fenixware.net/fab/fab_charQuote.asp?id=383&order=0

I think this would be a good way of training Ibuki combos (obviously), but not just for trying crazy Sako combos; but maybe something on the lines of the top 20 most important combos every Ibuki should know, starting with the basic cr.LP cr.LP st.MK xx Neckbreaker bnb down to the standard Tsumuji loop and SJC U2 stuff (or maybe something past that). Perhaps something we can add to the Ibuki Training Regimen?


Sounds good to me.


Also, why doesn’t op host the .clg file on dropbox or some file sharing site?

What do you guys think of having these possible combos in an Ibuki Combo Training challenge mode? Most of these are Ibuki’s bnbs, but some cover aspects like SJC, 1f links, and some give hints as to specific situations (eg: Tsumuji looping after an overhead, and going for LK Kazegiri if the spacing is too far for other Kazegiris). Also note the use of C-like comments because I typed this up in Notepad++ lol.

/* Bread and Butter */
cr.LP , cr.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker
TC4 , st.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker
(jumping) cr.MK , st.MK xx MK Tsumuji.
slide , f+LK xx LK Tsumuji
slide , st.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker
st.MP , st.MP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker
TC4 xx HK Kazegiri xx Super
cr.LK , cr.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker
far.st.LP xx st.MP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker.
f+MK , cr.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker.
(counterhit) cr.MP , st.MK xx HK Tsumuji

/* Tsumuji Loop */
st.MP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker
st.MP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker
(Abel) f+MK , st.MP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx LK Kazegiri.
(Ryu) j.HP , cr.HP , j. MP kunai , st.MP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker.

/* SJC */
TC10 xx SJC LK cd
(jumping) b+MP xx LK cd , cl.st.HK xx SJC LK cd , cr.HP xx SJC HK cd
cl.st.MP , cl.st.HK xx SJC LK cd , cr.HP xx SJC MK cd
TC4 xx Kazegiri xx FADC , cl.st.HK xx SJC LK cd , cr.HP xx SJC any cd
EX Kazegiri xx FADC , cl.st.HK xx SJC LK cd , cr.HP xx SJC HK cd
(corner) j.HP , TC4 xx EX Tsumuji , Kazegiri xx FADC , cr.HP xx SJC HK cd
(cr.HP loopable character) cr.HP xx SJC LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx Neckbreaker

/* SJC U2 */
j.HP , cr.HP xx SJC U2
TC4 xx SJC U2
cr.LP , cr.LP , st.MK xx SJC U2.

/* Advanced */
j.HP , cr.HP xx SJC HK Kazegiri xx Super
(Abel) TC3 , cr.LK , cr.LP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx EX Tsumuji , (kara) HP Raida.
(Abel) j.HP , cr.HP , j. MP kunai , st.MP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx LK Tsumuji , st.LP , st.MK xx SJC U2
(any) cr.LK , cr.LK , cr.LK xx SJC U2
(character?) st.MP , st.MK xx MK Tsumuji , f+LK xx LK Kazegiri xx FADC , cl.st.HK xx SJC LK cd , cr.HP xx SJC MK cd

There’s obviously more than 20 combos here, so maybe picking the top 20?


I was thinking it might be nice to have 3 sets of combos like a BnB set, a loop and strict links set, then a crazy execution set. Then you could just drop in whatever you want to practice or whatever, maybe even use them as a progression indicator (can do BnBs 99-100% every time, move on to loops).

Just speaking from a novice Ibuki perspective, the better players probably wouldn’t do this.


My whole plan is for newer Ibuki players or non-Ibuki players looking to get a feel for Ibukis common combos. For better Ibukis, of course it would just be a list of Sako combos.


Any way to let us use the Select button for blinking during challenge mode? Instead of having it be the button to see the combo hint. Otherwise, there would be no way I could do the Tsumuji loops lol.


So I’ve made another .clg file with the combo Mingo recommended
I’ve test most of them myself to make sure they work,
I couldnt do #8 15 17 and 19 cause i’m used to the ps3 timing took me like 20 min to just link a c.lk to c.lp so fak it not worth the time.
but I triple checked the script everything should be fine.
1-10 are bnbs pretty simple combo
11-12 are loop
13-19 SJC Kasumi Gake (command dash) alot of them
20-22 SJC U2
I’ve notice something weird while doing the trials about the "High Jump"
look like when you do a SJC any special move the game doesn’t show high jump in red but when it’s a high jump ultra it does
so from 13-19 it shows “High Jump Kasumi Gake” on the same line
20-22 for example TC4 SJC U2 u will be able to see if ur HJ actually came out or not.

Mingo i dont know about the select button remapping sorry.


I manage to change the IBK in trial mode into AE version and also changed Dan into Sagat to perform the combo easier but it really messed up my games.
I lost Dan completely but idc my laptop was for combo practice onry anyway but online still work.

IBK to AE >SSF4>dlc>character_free>battle>regulation>latest>IBK> copy the 2 file in there
replace the bac and bcm from
I didn’t know which bac and bcm it was for the trials so i just switch all the ibuki version into AE

as for Sagat in resource>battle>chara>SGT copy all the file and rename them all to DAN.~~~ instead of SGT.~~~ and replace them with the original.
Lunch SSF4 and enjoy


Was having trouble with 19 where you SJC Tsumuji from cr.HP, didn’t realize you had to delay it a bit haha. Good stuff here.


I think it’d be cool if you did like 18 BnB’s, 5 execution combos, and one last combo that’s impossible without adding moves in between (kinda like P4A Labrys final challenge)