OK, (after a quick experimentation on Photoshop and the use of a graphics tablet), back to what i think i’m best at.

Here’s another stereotypical piece by me:
The single character, the static pose, the identical angle, the rather flat facial area, but also the [ahem] beautiful line-art and shading by hand (all done by me).

It’s all here…


Please tell me what you think.

Great stuff here, I think the pic is excellent!

Good Job.

Her breasts need to bigger. Much bigger. Spherical even.

You people have to pay attention to such important details, tsk tsk.

Thanks TRAVIS, that’s very nice, thank you.

Errmm, Master Chibi, i’ll try and keep that in mind next time, yeah… definitely.

This is actually the first time i’ve drawn Ibuki - i didn’t have a Dreamcast to own Street Fighter III, so i’m completely unfamiliar with that cast, oh well, i’m doing my best.

Thanks again for the replies.

Ibuki- busty obs?

um- er… …are her breasts really supposed to be that size? …never really noticed her outside of her regular ninja outfit- i guess i was blinded-oh well:rolleyes:

Yeah, they’re big. I wasn’t kidding.