Ibuki's Crossup Super Mixup


Works on Honda, Makoto, Gouken, Dictator, Dhalsim, Juri, Rufus. However Juri and Dhalsim can walk backwards if they guessed that the super was a crossup and don’t block the first kunai. And BTW before you ask Dictator and Dhalsim can teleport out but they are taking a huge risk because they won’t know which way they are teleporting.

To perform the crossup you must take a slight step forward before you jump

There might be more setups off of other knockdowns; I will keep this thread updated with any new info.

EDIT: It works on shotos too you just have to take less of a step forward then I did in the video. Ryu and Ken can only get out by doing an ex dp in the opposite direction (they can’t auto correct).

cool find :tup:


Thanks for the video, I’ll have to try this. I wish it worked on Cammy tho. My friend plays Cammy religiously and I have a hard time sometimes going Ibuki vs Cammy.

^ See my wall of text in the matchup thread on Ibuki vs Cammy.

Forgot to put my phone on stand by

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Nice idea to finish a match with. Not sur it’s that safe to be used in match as it burns your whole meter =)

I don’t want to see anyone going for this.

Your not an Ibuki player unless your stylin:)

I don’t see the point in wasting four bars for something that might not even work.


You’re not a real Ibuki player if you’ve never double tsumuji-looped to U2 an Abel just for style.


So Iyo’s not a real Ibuki player? I almost feel like slipping off to the Taito Station and recording his games to show you, or disclosing that video play-list of this games at the Arcades…

Quoted For Truth (urban dictionary FTW)

Iyo, or f-Word, are very solid, we can’t say the opposite. I can just say that they are not entertaining since they play safe and purely safe. I prefer getting excited watching Sako like a little girl crying in front of Justin Bieber.

Being entertaining is one thing, like say I love watching EPG Kooky Ibuki, but saying someone isn’t a real Ibuki player for not making pointless decisions such as a double loop into U2 which does less damage than a more basic and easier combo is different. When people start making the absolute association that gdlk combos = better Ibuki it halts their improvement.

I would love for you to do that Izuna!!!

I might get driven down to the Taito Station. I cannot promise anything though.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether you styled on your opponent (eg: Poongko) or have gdlk execution (eg: Sako). It matters if you win or not (eg: Fuudo).

Yes pls. I’ll even donate you some cash (yen??) so you can get a hidden HD camera or something and expose this guy (fraud?).

It’d be awesome if Izuna can get some footage of Iyo and Sako irl. Of course it’d be tricky trying to explain to the gf why you have to mysteriously disappear for a few hours at the train stations.

Anyways, this super setup is risky as fuck. I’d rather save it for guaranteed damage, or my favorite, chip dmg ftw.

Who cares man. You’re in Japan. If you don’t set a single foot in an arcade center you should just be banned from SRK :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting laid vs playing SF.

Quite the dilemma.