Ibuki's Frame Data

Does anyone have any links for Ibuki’s frame data, I need those to take the Ibuki game to the next lvl.


but i think its based of her DC frame data :bluu:

Just remember that Ibuki gets frame advantage on like…everything. :lol: Except for the df+MK slide. Be careful with that move cuz it’ll lose you matches if you touch the opponent with it at too close a range (whether it’s connected or blocked).

+6 block advantage on Strong? wtf type of bullshit is that?

LOL. The Trifecta smells bullshit. :tup:

yeah its +6 on block, + 7 on standing hit advantage, and + 8 on crouching hit advantage… and the properties her normals change with her target combos… so let say that you do the jab, strong, fierce target combo… the last hit which is the fierce frames would then be +3 on block, + 5 on standing and + 7 on crouching.
So on larger characters like hugo , dudley, alex, and urien you could do this combo and link a standing forward kick to it and then cancel into a special move.