Ibuki's jumping chain combos

with ibuki’s jumping chaim combos, is there a preferable one to do, or is it purely random?
i seem to have an easier time pulling fierce > forward.rh off easier than the rest. just noticed that people tend to mix it up and such, just wondering if there’s a prefered combo or it depends on the scenario. thanks in advance.

Jumping forward LP,f+HP is the best one as far as using as an actual jump in. It works well to mix up people’s parry games during air to air battles and is great for doing the same during jump ins. Jumping forward LP also has hella priority and the HP afterwareds is a good hit confirm as well so that helps.

I don’t really use the other two much. Jumping forward LK,f+MK does the same thing as the above but just does less damage and is not as good for hit confirming during jump ins. The j.HP at the end of the previous air combo stuns the opponent a good bit longer to set up for jump ins.

The only time I use the j.HP, f+MK air combo is after her close HK launcher. Hit the opponent with HK up close and then super jump immediately striaght up and hit j.HP, f+MK for decent damage and tons of stun damage.