Ibuki's sliding MK (df.MK)

Hey! Sorry if I’m starting off on the wrong foot (by starting a thread immediately, but that seems like what we’re meant to do - other forums tend to look down on new members doing so), but I’d really like some things cleared up. I’m a big fan of 3s, but in no way am I a “good player”, which is what I want to change by learning here.

Anyway, to get to the point: I see a lot of match vids where the Ibuki player pokes with the sliding MK (df.MK), but I don’t really understand why they do that! I personally feel that while it does give you lots of range, it’s slow and has horrible recovery (with not much hit stun). How do you utilize this move? I mean, wouldn’t a blocked (or even if it hit) sliding kick be punished badly by characters like Chun-Li or Ken?

Thanks in advance.

im new here and i play as ibuki and im not that good yes i would have to agree with you thats why i use jump mkick it works for me but yes this isnt the subject on what i use lol

I’ve only been playing Ibuki (or 3s, for that mattter) for a few months now.
But from my experience, you use the slide kick at the MAX possible range. The idea being that if you hit on the last active frame, you will have less recovery.

Yeah, the above poster is right. It only has bad frame disadvantage if you use it too close. Use it from farther away so you minimize the frames that you can be punished. It’s actually rather quick for a sliding attack and has awesome priority. Goes under/takes out all kinds of pokes and even beats out some supers. Beats out Dudley’s corkscrew blow and Chun Li’s super art 2 pretty much clean. Also goes under most fireballs and even all of Ryu’s super fireballs. df+MK slide is great to go under random shinkuus or wake up denjins.