Ibuki's Taunt

I searched the forums, and couldn’t find anything about this.

I was fooling around today, and I was able to like Ibuki’s taunt after her lp,mp,hp chain. Does it have any uses? I think it builds stun, but I’ve never seen it used by anyone.

you can get out of the corner in a flashy way?

And it’s one of the coolest ways to KO in the game :badboy:

Don’t forget, outside of a combo her taunt can be teched.


…And parried. =/

Ibuki is broken!!!11shiftone

OHHH!!! i know one use, a friend showed it to me. but it’s probly old now. if u have them in the corner and you have SAII, do the combo, and u’ll hop over. then when u land, do the super. if they dodge, oh wellz… BUT if they get hit, kiss like half of their life goodbye. i dunno if you can get hit after you taunt, but i think the timing’s kinda hard, so i guess that’s a plus

I’d say the best use of her taunt is to piggy bag over Akuma as he does a Raging Demon. As demonstrated in SlimX’s combo vid.

It’s just like how you see many Necro players taunt after stunning you, before stunning, get in a mp hp taunt and you get style points :tup: And weirdly enough, I have stunned with the hop before, my friend almost killed himself :badboy:

My brother does this, it works.

try using the taunt to go the opposite direction of your opponent, and immedietly… do a raida