IC, bluetooth addon for PS360+, OG Kaimana connector board


Hello once more,

I have developed a Bluetooth addon board for the PS360+ . It is able to connect to any bluetooth enabled device and act as a keyboard input so you can game on your Android/IOS/Whatever in emulators. Features include:

[] Simple 20pin connection to the PS360+
] Extendable PAIR button and LED for closed cases.
[] Mobile device, PC and Mac compatibility through Bluetooth dongles.
] Battery Powered for portability.

My aim is to have a product that extends the devices we can connect to. While is not a Super-3ms-Response-time-with-added-octane-booster board, I would like to see if this is a problem solver or if anybody is interested.



Have you tried this with PS4?
This is something that I thought about some time when AkiShop confirmed the PS360+ will not fully work on PS4.


I do not have a PS4 yet so no tests yet, though now that I think about it if it allows games to play with a Keyboard it would work


Do keyboards often have an 8 minute timeout?


This would actually make me want to buy a PS360+

I’ve actually wanted a bluetooth stick for playing on the road on my phone for various emulated games. I’ve always been wary of what would be CG to fit in a stick, so I’ve stayed away from it.

Eventually this could probably also be used to handshake with the PS4, which would make EVERYONE happy.


Nice little wireless solution :slight_smile: would be really cool if it was able to send the encrypted connection info to the PS4… but that would need to be added into PS360+'s firmware, and I doubt sony is going to willingly give the encryption info out.

Also, Would be cool for those of us with TEs to use the TURBO button (on the turbo panel) for pairing :slight_smile: This would take some manual wiring though. not a big deal to those familiar with the HW and handy with a soldering Iron.


Here is something more concrete (and working!) for the Starfruit-BT addon for the Ps360+. The project box houses a cable mess for power and signal splitting that uses a @Phreakazoid Usb Repair Tool and the battery Control Board along with a power switch to turn everything on/off so the battery can be charged individually. Now because this is a Panzer I am not 100% with drilling it the switch stayed inside.I am recording a video of how it works so stay tuned!




Very cool. Bump For interest!


Getting a new Bluefruit ordered since I burnt off the pads to this one from all the soldering/desoldering. Everything works great except a freak issue where UP and Left registered together whenever one of them was pressed. Almost done!