IC/FS: Fat PS2 reshell kit - translucent hot pink - brand new and never used!


I can’t find the emails from when I bought this case probably 10 years ago. It was from one of those sites that specialized in selling replacement see thru shells for your original Xboxes and eventually PS2’s. not fliptop cases - normal fat PS2 replacement shells.

This is made of nice sturdy plastic, not that jewel case crap that can’t take a 2 inch fall. This has been buried in my old room at my parents’ house for years and years. I haven’t lived there in ages and went back looking for some old electronics I might have left around and found this.

My fat PS2 is in totally s**t condition and I don’t feel like getting a 2nd fat PS2 just to dump all the guts into this thing so I was going to see if anyone here was interested in it.

I’d like to get 40 shipped for it but would be willing to hear offers on it. Outside of USA people, make it like 35 + shipping.

pics will be added upon request, i would think you could imagine what a translucent hot pink fat ps2 shell might look?

BTW it’s brandnew and never used - all the original spare parts, screws,everything are in their original baggie.




Pajamas not included.


Man, that’s sick. If I already had a fat I would cop. GLWS.