IC/FS: Nice Neo-Geo 29 (WI)

Located in WAUKESHA WI. Candy Cabs are few and far between in the Midwest. With that being said: I’m eyeing another cab i’d like to buy. If i can get that deal i will sell this cab. However, i dont want to prematurely sell in case i dont get the cab i want, then i’d be a$$-out.
No screen burn, seimitsu joys and buttons (mostly), and i tried to get good pics so there is no surprises to any buyers. Cab has 1 small dent and i have a pic of that, some paint scuffs, and some cig burns that were whited out (not by me). All locks match and i have one key (coin box is dif, but i have that key too). Now purests dont go flipping out, but i am using MAME, a pc, and a jpac (meaning no neo motherboard). Also, the speakers that were originally in it were blown so i unplugged them, removed the bad speakers and an using a pc speakers set with a sub in the base of the cab. I didnt cut anything, all you’d have to do is buy a new set and put them in and plug the wires back on, that’s it. Jamma is still fully intact.

Hoping to sell moderately local, as its heavy and i dont really want to ship if i dont have to. I looking for $500 for the cab without the mame setup. I will throw in the ArcadeVGA card and jpac for another $100. Pics follow…

the dent on the right side front lower corner

That red rocker switch on the CP was a pause button for the MVS board

I’m NOT looking for any trades, only money. That’s what I’m trying to raise for a purchase. I can even make a delivery within reason, for a fee. Pm me with questions or purchasing interest. Thanks