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Good morning all! I have been speaking w/ Art of Tek-innovations.com about building mini portable tek-cases, and he is up to it if enough interest is gathered. Dimensions would be 9.57.332 which is the same as an Ipad2 vs the current

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Colour me interested. Particularly if the reduction in size squeezes it into a lower international shipping price bracket.

Been wanting a Tek case for a while, but the price incl shipping for me means I could get a wooden case for only a little more. This might be a must-buy for me though.


New project for me if this becomes reality. I allready have the parts minus the Tech case.


Can’t see the pic but would definitely be up to purchasing one of those.


Sounds interesting.


TEK-CASE MINI would be great, specially I imagine for the smaller size the Mini could cost less than the regular tek case.
Which means possibility of more sales for Art Hobbies.


I’m in. I swear everytime the last stick I make is gonna be my last. Then cool interesting stuff like this is brought up.


Thus is the curse and addiction of stick modding/building.

There is no, “This stick is going to be my Last”.


If it has roughly the same top surface area as an iPad then personally it would be a bit cramped for me, but I built a TEK-Case recently, and it packs a lot of awesome. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who would like a stick that size, just because I know how well put together TEK-Cases are.


6 button is cooler.


Bought a regular size one a few weeks ago, would definitely get a smaller sized one too.


won’t be long til we get a tek-case the size of a lunchables box


There been some mini size cases made before, most of them in limited supply.
rtdzign had made some very nice wooden cases, but making them monopolized his time, and the finish took weeks to cure. http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/126414

This would be the first time someone offers an affordable Mini Case that is not in short supply.


It could also be an inherently STRONGER-build case. Less likely to break, get permanently warped, or cracked because of the scale-down. That’s without affecting the width of the material one bit!

It’s easier to build a “9-g” fighter the size of an F-16 than it is to build a 9-g aircraft the size of a 747…

I’m not saying that the original Tekcase is a 747 but still…

Of course, the main constraints as always will be clearance on the parts. The main things you have to look out for are the PCB controller (if it’s larger than a Cthulu) and the joystick base. That’s going to be an issue for the 3-5% of us who prefer to use Korean/Fanta or Happs/iL Competition joysticks. => I take it the case will be designed with the JLF and LS-32/-33/-40/-56/-58 series in mind? The LS-32 has the largest base of those lever types and everything else gets smaller from there… The LS-33 might be the smallest of the joysticks listed. <=

The joystick support definitely should take into account the LS-32-01 base. That’s the most often used alternative to the JLF and about the largest common-size stick lever you have to take into account.

Seeing as more and more people are gravitating to “silent” levers and pushbuttons, the 0.187 tabs on the non-PCB stick levers should be something to be wary of… Those tabs might force a slightly larger base for joystick case and greater separation between the stick lever base and pushbuttons unless “silent” parts are not considered for the final design. “Silent” design is still a huge expense – especially if you’re a JLF user.


@ GeorgeC Your bought some good points up George.
I agree a smaller case would be less prone to Damage or warping using the same acrylic stock.

I also think the Mini stick form factor its never intended for bulker arcade parts like Happ and some Korean style parts.
The Newer Crown joystick that installs like a Japanese stick not have issues and I do not see Crown Push Buttons having issues.

I always seen Happ Parts built into a Tank of a stick, like the SF 15 Anniversary stick, PDP’s MK stick or something equally TANK like.
In my mind Korean parts sits in a magical land that floats in between Japanese and American style parts.

Dual mod Cthulhu + Xbox 360 PCB would be too much for a Mini Stick, a PS360+ would be a tight fit but it be do-able. Best bet is a smaller Xbox 360 PCB, like out of a mini-size pad or TE PCB with a chopped down Cerberus board.

To me the silent parts are more of a handicap that a boost. Silent buttons feel mushy to me and I can’t comment on silent sticks.
I do not think the individually wired microswitches of a silent JLF would be an issue, as Individual wired switches/non-pcb for both Sanwa and Seimitsu existed long before the silent mod movement.
All Seimitsu joysticks (those who lacking the -01 in its part name) with the exception of the LS-58, LS-64 and a few others have a 5 pin PCB version and an individual switch/non-pcb version. Individual switched JLFs are common in older Hrap sticks that did not have a common ground PCB. You just have to think a little more about wire organization.


Sorry to necro this, but will this be made?


If theres enough interest to make it worth wild for Art hobbies to make a Mini TEK Case.


I always felt the tek case was too small as it is.


I’d buy it. I’ve been wanting a smaller stick my Q4 feels to big to me and I’d like something smaller.


^ This.