IC: would you buy a homemade vewlix cabinet? how much would you pay?

edit: price for preassembled kits may be too high. new question:

if we were to create a flat pack vewlix kit (prepainted, you supply the electronics), what would you be willing to pay for it?

original post

a buddy of mine is a professional carpenter and he is currently laid off from his job as a cabinet maker. we were talking about making arcade cabinets and i showed him the vewlix design and he fell in love. so he’s thinking about making cabinets to sell.

they would be similar to the designs found on the donovanmyers site. they would come with a 32" monitor, sanwa parts, and either xbox 360 or ps3 padhacks (i’ll be investigating dual mods so we will probably offer them as well) so that all you will have to do is pop in a console and play.

what i’m wondering is if there is actually a demand for something like this. we’ll be building one in the upcoming weeks just to see what we are up against, but my friend is thinking $2500-$3000 each, as it will take him a solid week to build each one. shipping a cabinet through NAVL would probably run between $300-$400 on top of that (i’ll be doing some investigation to see if i can find anything cheaper/better).

thanks for reading, and please let me know what you guys think.

For me, that’s a little high on price, because I could just buy and have an Astro City shipped to me for around 700-1000.

What I would be interested to see is a kit. Something that could be shipped in a box and assembled, similar to how they sell TV stands or entertainment furniture. It would save a lot on shipping and i could just put the monitor and system in myself.

damn i got all excited but that’s just too expensive for me. should offer it in pieces like LuckyDay said. i already have a monitor and some spare arcade parts so all i would need is the cabinet by it’s self.

Yes, I got excite, then saw price.
I was thinking be Kit also.
Need not monitor.

For that price I rather buy the real one which is slightly more then $3000 (498.000) for a complete Taito Vewlix F.
The Kit idea sounds good to me.

Yeah, you can even buy the Vewlix knockofff for like, $1900?

You’ve got a good idea, but your price is not bueno.

Price kills this.

i’ll see what he thinks about flat packs then. if we were to create a flat pack vewlix kit (prepainted, you supply the electronics), what would you be willing to pay for it?

If we’re looking at just the wood work and paint, no tv/stick/buttons/pcbs/etc… maybe $750 before shipping?

^^I think this is closer.

One thing I’ve thought about that would be nice is just a base cabinet, that would act as a two player control panel and as a place to house a console/pcb.

Basically just the bottom half of the vewlix cabinet, but without the bezel and top half that covers up the monitor.

Just a nice station that could have a two player control panel, and a nice flat surface on top for a monitor.

I would also say that if it’s sanded and completely smooth an unpainted option might be nice to keep cost and time to build down, because I could do that myself.

Yeah I agree. Anything around this price range would be reasonable. I’d be all over this if this was the case.

edit: Also, I think it would be easier and to ship a kit with only the wood and no electronics. All he has to do is make a list of TVs that would fit his cabinets.

I do like that price as well. Ship it in pieces and let the customers put it together themselves. Would definitely be the best option.

Yeah, like a noob’s arcade maker kit.

I’d go for that.

So uhhh… what happens when Taito shows “interest” in this?

ya, 750 seems good.

I wish IKEA carry vewlix cabinet. :frowning:

Yeah I was kinda thinking this would be a one way ticket to Cease and Desist Town.

I don’t think it’s violating any copyrights or anything. They wouldn’t be claiming to sell the real thing, just a kit to build a replica.

750 shipped? even that seems a little high if all your going to be selling is just the pieces of wood cut.

cut pieces of wood, that all fit together to make a VEWLIX CABINET!!! OMFGBBQ!

I would be interested in something like this if it could be shipped as a kit for less than $200.