Ice man guardbreak

i’m not sure if this has been posted before and i know it isn’t really safe again the likes of the top 4 if they take the hit.

but you can run up when the next char is coming in and hit them with the ice beam and cancel it into the artic attack and it should guard break.

it is the ground hp ice beam.

try to hit them early and make sure you don’t hit them with the artic attack before they lose guard stun.

hope it helps.

that would do some crappy damage, what 20-30? even if they do take the hit and then block isn’t his super safe afterwards anyway?

Hmm interesting find, its not really that useless though. lots of opportunities in mvc2 that arise that may call for that especially if it comes down to actually getting rid of their characters.

Yeah, it’s got an automatic pull back, you’ll end up far enough away ta be safe from attack. A fail safe in case someone pulls the miracle of gettin’ in before the pose finishes is ta alpha link wit’ your assist, I usually use Storm or Silver Samurai ta catch 'em on the bounce.

Is iceman worth the effort? I could see canceling the artic attack into proton cannon that would be tight.

Just posted this in another thread.

DHC from arctic attack to Cable’s hyper viper beam always connects… just make sure to kill them. Don’t do it to Sent, Cable, Magz or Storm if they are going live. I have a feeling they can punish you, despite eating the ground hyper viper.