Iceman team ideas



I run a rather unusual Strider Doom Team for kicks and it has started to become oddly effective as of late as its not based on the usual team setup. It is Iceman Proj/Strider Variety/ Doom Anti Air. I am putting it up here to see if I anyone else can add idea wise to the team I have here WITHOUT changing the actual team members. I like this team a lot for some reason :slight_smile: Here is how I try to use them.

OK I am gonna try and explain this weird team, please bear with me :slight_smile:

First off the name of the game is Chip! I don’t care if you block you are gonna lose 10% life for every icebeam doom rock combo hit.

What this team lacks in Infinites Anti Air and DHC damage it makes up for in my opinion with frustrating the other opponent into playing into your gameplan of baiting them to open themselves up because they are tired of the massive chip their taking.

-I start off using Iceman as a battery chipping the shit out of the enemy in conjunction with doom rocks bear in mind I ALWAYS PLAY SAFE and NEVER open iceman up. This doesnt mean turtle, I just don’t throw out any move I can’t recover cleanly from. I never use Iceman’s Arctic Blast super unless it will kill their character I only use it to DHC in. I abuse Iceman’s No Chip defense to build up meter for Strider Doom. Iceman stays in until either he’s dead or I get 4 bars of meter. Once that happens I then run up Arctic Blast their character(Preferably right in front of their character trapping them in a corner so I can make a seamless transfer to Strider orbs) trapping and DHC to a Orbs. From here on out its a Strider Doom Trap which you can read all of the Strider threads to see how deadly it can be. Also of note I still play Strider very defensively I only go on the offensive if doom rocks have them trapped.

What Iceman adds to Striders trap game is QUICK chip from a distance with his Icebeam assist. Also if Doom gets snapped in, you can operate a ghetto Strider trap with Iceman provided they are in a corner. And in some rare cases you can Ice beam assist then close the distance quick and call orbs and run the doom traps.

Of any team I play this one causes the most rage quits by far and especially against newer players you can see their frustration build and most times I hear it as well :slight_smile: Normally people match my team with low tiers but after one match I catch all god tiers after that.

And to save people time pointing this out lol yes this team has no god like anti air so you have to be able to block/ play defense good and be patient. Also the natural enemy team for this is Storm Proj or Variety/Sent Drones/Ken Anti Air(It busts up gaps in your trap the best). It makes my Iceman have to be offensive. But on the plus side this team wrecks Cable :slight_smile:

Well Let me know any ideas you might have to do some damage with this team. Also let the criticisms rain down as well (like I can stop em lol). Try the team, it’s pretty fun to play as :cybot:


This is such a fun team to pit against players that don’t adapt quickly. I love calling the Icebeam assist and teleporting behind the enemy. To this day I wish they gave Iceman a HP beam assist; that would be the ultimate Sentinel no-no button. Against Sent, though, I like to call Doom, tk LP Icebeamx2, land and HP Icebeam (fearing another beam, they always jump at this point). That’s a load of chip. Of course many try to snap out Doom early on, so I usually sj. Photon Array and DHC into Oroboros, which pulls the screen down and can make blocking difficult. Doom on point against people who are not Cable can be pretty evil. Barrages of Icebeams and jump shot laser guns to pin players is just annoying. When they jump out, dash under to the other side and when they land, do it again!


Thats exactly how I play Sent as well with this team. Keep him from stomping while flying and hes not that tough.


Ice on point with Cap America proj assist is heavy annoying and forces RageQuits quickly. Always do FP icebeam while calling CapAm, you’ll see that good block stun from the shield then quickly LP Icebeam, slight pause (enough for CapAm to recover) followed quickly by another FP icebeam + America. You’ll almost always catch them as they SJ and pin their ass right into Sheild for another LP icebeam reload. Or when then catch on wait before FP icebeam to see if they SJ and try to get crafty in the air just keep em’ at that good 70 degree angle and FP Ice + America. You’ll tear through pretty much all of the Capcom side of the board and it’s awesome seeing the frustration as these players get absolutely bombarded with ice. Patience is Key. Most will get Gods after the first match because they’ll be fucking fuming. I use Cyc as my 2nd because I basically just zone like hell with this team. Artic Attack has instant start up so you can DHC to either Optic as you see fit. I abuse FP optic blast with CapAm Assist similar to the Ice lockdown. Try to refrain from predictibility. FP Optic blast + CapAm, they block or get hit, LP optic blast, MOB.

Basically FP icebeam + America all but ensures another icebeam (LP) and you have to abuse this. If they jump they get hit (blocked or not) and this jams em’ right into shield slash. The shield’s block and hit stun both give ample time for a LP ice beam. Most assists they call will trade with America’s shield giving you a LP ice beam opportunity. That’s why I lead with FP ice beam + America, gives you space control and keeps ice safe for the most part. They’ll try to dash in but shield slash makes it tough, throw in FP ice beam to that equation and you’ll see them dumbfounded trying to get in but to no avail.


All three Characters Iceman, Cyclops and CapAm all have a straight projectile special and an upward angled projectile special (common knowledge but probably overlooked) and subsequently make for excellent zoning techniques. Also time the shield slash assist with Cyc’s combo into cyclone kick, shield hits, SOB. The shield slash provides an excellent damage boost to Cyc’s BnB combo. Cyc’s anti-air assist helps gives ole’ Bob Drake breathing room too. I assure you if played in skilled hands this team will ignite some serious frustration amongst opponents. Try it, lemme’ know.


Ya i can vouch… very annoying low tier team to face… specially with larger characters… couldn’t take it with hulk/thanos/ken… first two characters just have to much sprite!!

Wolvie + thanos bubble was pretty effective against it when i kept wolvie in your grill… damn risky tho with that stamina and cyke assist constantly threatening.


I have a Hulk, Iceman, Psylock Team. Not the most powerful but definantly meean. Iceman as an assist is your generic beam attacker and keeps Doom assist in line, this allows me to dash in jump forward and begin my rush down with Hulk. Psylock is my defensive anti-air character, she is my pixie and I use her near the end to finish off straglers. I’ve been using Iceman since the game came out on the dreamcast. I like using Super Jumping D-HP Ice Rock and when the rock hit confirms combing into it. I do use the big ice spheres too sometimes. His normals are interesting too.

I have a question, why do people keep saying Iceman is a noob/ online character? Iceman is very hard to use regardless of how much you get hit by ice beams all day. I think it’s unfair.


Just for the hell of it I’ve been running Iceman/Omega Red/Doom recently. Iceman/Doom for the chip and Omega/Doom for the lockdowns and to suck the life out of people. It’s a ton of fun and have been beating some pretty good teams with it thanks to Iceman’s no chip policy.


Iceman is only hard to people if they do not know how to fight his gimmicks. He is easy to learn, but he is hard to win with. Learning how to fight Magneto is the hardest thing for any iceman. Sentinel is even worse. He has bad matches with the top tier besides Ironman and Cyclops (Cable isn’t that bad either), but he pwns low tiers all day. I think the only matches that Iceman loses is Rouge and Morrigan because that rushdown can be vicious.

But yeah it is unfair that people say Iceman is a noob character. Imma prove them wrong.