Iceman triple artict infinite



triple artict atack infinite!
hey is it a glitch or what? I saw this thing , and damn it was impresive , is it a glitch ? gameshark?or some other code program? because …damn this is some sick shit.
I saw this video on meikyousisui vol 6 , and that meikyousisui team sure must have some tricks in all of this , /…just trying to see if all of this is TRUE?
thanks , if anyone knows.


player 1 venom/mags proj.

player 2 iceman x 3

in corner

player 1: call in mags and do a s.fp throw. the EM will hit a webbed iceman and push them back. go for another s.fp throw.

player 2: just as venom is sticking his hand out to grab, do a triple team super.

ta da.


does it only works on the DC version , cause i tried it on the ps2 version and it didn’t work …