IceMan Triple Threat

I know I cannot be the only IceMan fan out there? I was totally raping my boyfriend over the weekend with my random Triple IceMan Team. One of each. I know he’s not the greatest character, but it was working I was kicking ass! Totally pounding on Sentinel, Spider-Man, Jaugernaut, Cyclops, Magneto, etc…

Normally the team I play with is: IronMan, Rogue, IceMan… with random mix-ups with Cable or Psylock, but I love IceMan and his ability to block any chip damage.

He is a MUST on my teams.:lovin:

Whose with me?!

He’s fun to use against people who only use beams and don’t play their characters much.

I remember when the game just came out:

Ice Beam
Ice Beam
Ice Beam
Ice Beam
Ice Beam
Ice Beam
Ice Beam

I used him briefly recently. I suck with him but was gettting some shit off, including ice beams. hit or block seems all good lol. limited mobility options though.


best team known to man. haha

Yeah, I remember those days. Good for frustrating scrubs.

Ice Man used to get a lot of OCVs if you have a decent AAA and some back up fire, like drones or rocks. Sentinel HSF x HSF chip is crazy when you add in Icebeam assists. Easy to get some alright damage with HC-AC and Toggle Beams are annoying with the right assists unless you’re Storm or Mag. I think he should have an air-dash though, but that wouldn’t make much of a difference. Just aestethically, seems right surfing across the screen in the air~

Iceman/Sent/Doom too fun.

Godlike DHC in arctic attackxxHSF, drones and rocks control space well when coupled with psychic icebeams. FF combo with icebeam gives you alot of time to follow up with like magnus e.m. disruptor.

Sent beam fly/unfly patterns with icebeam are gross, dooms butter beam onslaught + icebeam assist is super annoying.

his wave dash is difficult

Iceman air combo into Arctic Attack followed by Gamma Crush is fun…
I like playing Iceman but usually have him as third banana because his beam assist can easily stuff other assists. Megaman/Charlie AA/Iceman is an infuriating, well-rounded, and defense-oriented team I’ve been playing lately. I love to Mash out Charlie’s sonic boom super as an ice beam is connecting, dash forward and do both again. It’s a whole mess of unavoidable chip damage, and if the opponent somehow didn’t block in the first place, they win a free Somersault Justice.
I also like to match my Iceman against a local Cable player I know because he can’t use a single team without Cable, and refuses to play sub-tier, so I can’t resist pissing him off sometimes.

i got a good 15 hit combo with ice man that can work off of psy AAA, and cables PA (projectile assist) I’m still relatively new to the game so I doubt I’ll do good in tourneys. But got to start somewhere right? :tup:

Stick with Icepick…
He is a frustrating opponent, if you know em. His artic attack actually is better o/ground then in the air. In the air, the opponent is pushed away a bit, so it doesnt connect flush. But on the ground, it (sometimes) connects entirely.
Iceman/Capcom/Sent- A defensive team, great damage. Start off with Icey, chipping away and frustrating with Capcom’s anti-air. Work on Icey’s defense, even though he takes minimum damage from characters. Once youve gotten a damn near invincible Icey, you can be more aggressive with him, instead of ice-beaming all day. I HATE THAT GUY!!! Thats what you’ll hear at tournaments…

i dont play iceman much anymore, but i think i will in low tier matches.

One guy once told me that when doing the air combo, you do magic series xx ice beam xx super. you need to cancel the icebeam early, before it connects, and you’ll get much more damage.

You’ll get shit ton of damage…especially on Jugger & Sent; guarantee 75% damage.

Did i tell you this? LOL.

Its a very fast cancel, too (for those who dont know)…after a luanch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, qcf + fp xx tap PP

basically, you dont need to do the motion for the super. just quickly cancel the into the PP’s.

Actually make it two guys. I think you did tell me once, and then another guy at my school. Haha