Ichi-Kakuto-Geemu - Worthington, Ohio - July 10th

T.O. TheKiest has returned

Blazblue (PS3)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)
Super Smash Brothers Melee (Wii/Cube)
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (PS3)

With Brawl now having one-two tournaments a WEEK, I’ve decided to expand the tournament scene to more games. This tournament as you see in the picture, will have not only Melee, but Tekken 6(BR) and Blazblue. There will NOT BE DOUBLES AT THESE EVENTS!!! Because I want many people to try many games, the entry to all of these WILL BE 5 bucks. Except for the Main Events.

I have decided to add an incentive to this series as well: the game with the highest attendance will become the MAIN EVENT for the next tournament with a $10 entry AND 3v3 TEAMS (5 bucks a person, $15 a team). I will explain the format for team at the second event’s thread.

But for now, I am doing 4 “smaller” tournaments to get use to the venue. Now that the intros are done…

358 S Selby Blvd
Worthington, OH 43085

For those who haven’t been here, its a park house.


July 10th, 2010 (Yes same day as Evo… but this is more of a Local/Statewide tournament.)
Schedule as of now…
1:30 Doors Open and registration begins.
2:30 Registration for Blazblue and Brawl Ends. Brawl and Blazblue begin.
5:00 Registration for Tekken and Melee Ends. Melee and Tekken begin
7:00 "The Elite Eight"
8:15 Doors close and clean-up
8:30 Venue closes

These are what I call the 4 grand finals. (One per game). I will save these for last for two reasons.

  1. To promote these matches.
  2. To record these matches.

I will also TRY to keep one setup for friendlies/MMs for each game. Space pending.

How Much?
$5 Venue (waved if you bring a FULL SETUP* AND we use it. First come first serve.)

Food locations are about 5-10 minute drive.

  • A Full Setup means: TV plus system + game WITH EVERYTHING UNLOCKED!!! (Except for Blazblue’s Astrals.)

As I said before, the game with the most attendance WILL BECOME THE MAIN EVENT of the next tournament. In the case of a tie, well I haven’t figured that out yet…
However, the tournament with the LEAST attendance will be replaced with a different game.

The game that will be added is the one on the top of this list:
Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3)
Soul Caliber 4 (PS3)
Tatsunoko v Capcom (Wii)
Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
The game that got replaced from this event
*Other games might be thrown in here such as Smash 64, SF: 3S, and others.

This is because of the size of the venue, and the amount of time i have it for. I am working on getting a larger, cheaper venue. BUT until then, there is a cap. Yes this means there can be more than 32 people at the tournament, just 32 per tournament.
Also there will be no pools for any $5 tournaments. (Sorry Brawlers.)

Sign up by typing the following in this thread or in another thread for the other games:
Crew(If it applies)
Games you want to enter
Setups you can bring

For example:

(The ‘/’ means I have one TV and system with two copies of the games.)

Attendance List
*NOTE: The TOs (Me and Magnum) are willing to drop out of two events to allow others to play instead. Those two will be Melee and Blazblue for me. And Brawl and Melee for Magnum.
** Players with a ? at the end either aren’t sure or didn’t prereg the way I asked them to… heh.

6 People

  1. TheKiest (69th: Worthington) - will drop if a spot is needed
  2. Magnum (69th: Worthington)
  3. Solecalibur (OUGA)
  4. sDog?
  5. Solecaliber
  6. RachelAlucard (Columbus)

Brawl (Wii)
12 People

  1. TheKiest (69th: Worthington)
  2. Magnum (69th: Worthington) - will drop if a spot is needed
  3. SoulPech (Columbus, Ohio)
  4. Moose (Columbus, Ohio)
  5. FlyingFrenchman (Columbus, Ohio)
  6. Solecalibur (OUGA)
  7. Clowsui (Cincinnati)
  8. Steel Samurai (Cincinnati)
  9. Dark 3nergy (Hillard)
  10. Crow?
  11. Shura?
  12. MityMouse?

Melee (Wii/Cube)
7 People

  1. TheKiest (69th: Worthington) - will drop if a spot is needed
  2. Magnum (69th: Worthington) - will drop if a spot is needed
  3. Moose (Columbus, Ohio)
  4. Megachuk?
  5. BigD?
  6. e_
  7. MityMouse?

Tekken (PS3)
5 People

  1. TheKiest (69th: Worthington)
  2. Magnum (69th: Worthington)
  3. Killsteal117?
  4. sDog?
  5. RachelAlucard



(For all 5 dollar tournaments)
1st: 60% - $5
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
4th: $5


  • You are responsible for your own controller and name tag. Any malfunctions or errors that occur are your responsibility, so bring an extra controller if possible and always check to make sure you’re using the correct settings BEFORE a match is played. If a match is to be restarted due to controller functions, it must be agreed upon by both parties.

  • Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.

  • Dave’s Stupid Rule: No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both players.

  • Iggy’s Stupid Rule: You may not pause the match yourself. If you absolutely need to pause, it must be done so at the consent of your opponent.

  • No show DQ rule: After a match has been called, if a player is two minutes late he will receive a warning. At 4 minutes late, he will be given a loss for the first game of the set. After six minutes, he will be given a loss of the entire set. There should be no excuse for not being there when your match is called because all the food you need is in the venue for you.

  • Color Blind rule: Should a player have a color-based disability, he or she may request in a teams match to have a specific color for their team. This is so characters such as Lucario or Sonic can be granted the blue team so that there is not unnecessary confusion.
    Applies mostly to Smash games.

  • Wiimotes and Classic Controller users should know to take the batteries out of their controllers after finishing a set; not only will this save battery life, but it prevents accidental intereference and delay for tournament matches.

  • Stalling is banned.

Applies mostly to Smash games.

  • Infinite Replay hacks are allowed and any other texture hack that doesn’t disrupt gameplay. If you don’t want to play on a hacked wii, just remove the SD card and that will get rid of the added textures/sounds.

  • Nope’s No BS Rule: By participating in this tournament you give the Tournament Operator and their affiliates the right to film, photograph and record your name, nickname, pseudonym, persona, picture, biographical material, voice and/or likeness and to use the same in any manner or media in connection with the Event to broadcast, reproduce, distribute and exhibit such photographs and/or recordings, in any manner whatsoever, by any and all means, media, devices, processes and technology now or hereafter known or devised anywhere in the universe at anytime in perpetuity.

  • Seamus McFly’s Sportsmanship Rule:
    If a losing player ends the match with “No Contest” (pausing and ending the game before the victory screen) after they lose their final stock but before “GAME” is called, that player is subject to consequences ranging from forfeit of that set to disqualification from the competition. Consequences can be avoided by apologizing to the other player for robbing them of a victory screen. Also, Excessive displays of rage over losing matches (shouting, controller throwing) will not be tolerated.

In other words, be respectful to the games and the players.

All tournaments will be:
Double Elimination
Best of 3 games (except for Finals: Winner, Loser and Grand will be best of 5)
Winner MUST stay character.
No Unlimited Characters.

Brawl… (These guys are picky…)
3 Stock
8 minute timer
Items are set to “off” and “none”

Order of play:

  1. Players RPS for Stage Strike turn (or agree who strikes first)
  2. Players strike one stage from the neutral list until one remains. The first gaem is played on that stage.
    3. Players then announce their banned stages (each player gets 2 bans: 1 from the neutral list and one from the CP list.)
  3. The Loser of the first match announces the stage (cannot be a stage that BOTH player have banned)
  4. The winner picks character
  5. The loser picks character.
  6. If it goes to game three… repeat 4-6.

In the event of a dispute, controller ports will be selected by Rock-Paper-Scissors

No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both players.

If the timer runs out, the victor is determined first by stock and then by percentage.

Metaknight’s Infinite Cape glitch is banned.

Standing Infinites are banned

If a game ends with any suicide kill, (Wario’s Bite, Ike’s Up-B, Kirbys/D3’s Swallocide, Ganon’s F-B, Bowser’s Suicide Claw, and any other ones I’m missing…) the winner goes to the player who did the attack (If both players are down to their last stock of course).

Ledge Grab Limit: 40 (50 on Norfair). This applies ONLY if the game goes to time out. If both players pass this value, then the player with the MOST grabs LOSES.
Stage List:**
Neutrals (For Stage Striking):
Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island
Lylat Cruise

Delfino Plaza
Jungle Japes
Castle Siege
Rainbow Cruise
Pokemon Stadium 1+2


COMING SOON!!! (Most likely MoO rule set slightly modified.)

Random Stage each game.
No stage is played twice, unless agreed on both players
Winner must stay character.

I’m probably going to come unless I somehow manage to get to Vegas.

Tekken, BlazBlue
I have 1 TV a Wii with Brawl (no hacks) and Melee, and a PS3 with Tekken 6

I noticed for Brawl you didn’t mention hacks (no tripping, texture swaps, custom move sets). If I was you I would make it so that all copies of Brawl must not be tampered with, but I’m not sure what the community wants.

I think this is the first tournament I’ve ever seen on SRK that didn’t feature any Capcom games.

Hands down if you want to get more people coming add SSFIV. BB is pretty dead because people are waiting for the July revision; Tekken is semi-dead in the Midwest. SSFIV is the only draw for most players who would come to a tournament

P.S. I think it should be “geemu” if you’re doing the romaji thing

I was gonna say.

I spelled it how my friend who is living in Japan spells it, but he hasn’t been there that long.

Won’t the new BB be out by this? Or is that late July?

Also, due to the venue size and my first time running anything at this venue: I’m holding off SSF4 until next time in August/Sept. (Which will replace the game with the least attendance). I chose BB and Tekken because those were games I hadn’t seen at tournes lately.(Same with Melee). Brawl is there because I know more people in the Brawl Scene who want to try out other fighters in the competitive scene (for some reason… BB is the most popular among smashers). I’m fully aware that SSF4 will be 32 easily, but I want to do a test run with games I might be able to get 32 per event instead of guarantee 32 for all of them.

We usually assume in the Brawl community that the hack wiis have nothing that disrupt the original gameplay (plus if you don’t believe them… you just remove the SD card to get rid of them all). But I will add that to the OP if that makes people feel better.

As for posting this here… I was told that people usually look at SRK for non-smash tournaments in general, not just capcom games. (I had a thread on Dustloop and Zaibatsu… but not many responses)

this still going on?

Yes it is.

I already have the place paid for, so I’ll run this even if only like 4 people come.

this is the same weekend as this http://shoryuken.com/threads/240536-Arcade-Legacy-ROCKET-PUNCH-7-10-2010-SSFIV-T6-GGAC-ST-Naruto-CINCINNATI-OH i am not sure if you did research but must people will probably in at evo or in cincy for rocket punch. But good shit on not running 4

Argh… I announced my tournament about a month earlier… but didn’t put it on Shoryuken (since there is no SSF4).

Oh wells. There will be others, even if this one doesn’t do as well.