ICO & Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3...now with trailer in 1st post!

Team ICO Box Art Revealed ? Games Thirst

I’ve been hearing about these games but am too lazy to connect my PS2 to play them (and for that matter find a copy of them). Non the less I will be getting this collection =)

EDIT: Trailer-

Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus: The Collection Video Game, TGS 10: Debut Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com

I own Ico and Shadow of Colossus.

I re-played Ico on a monthly basis when it came out, same with Shadow.

Team Ico’s new game is the reason I bought a PS3, but I’m buying this game midnight release.

Fucking god damn amazing games.

Day 1 buy for me. Same with the Sly Cooper HD Mixes.

Haven’t had the chance to play Ico but if they improve the framerate of SoTC…gdlk.

I never had the chance to play those two games and since my PS2 is dead and getting a new one is seeming unlikely, I would consider getting these two for my PS3. I’ve heard great things about these games and I need to see if these claims are true to me, which I don’t have a doubt about.

Does anyone here have any first hand experience and if so what is your take on them?

Freaking love both games, but money’s a little tight so I’ll wait until I see the kind of improvements they’ve made. It will most likely be a day one buy for me. I also bought my PS3 specifically for Team Ico’s next game.

They’re extremely minimalist games, which is typically not something most people get hyped for. But, if you slow down, take your time with the game and take in all of your surroundings, you may appreciate the artistic value the deisgners put into the game. I too am buying a ps3 solely for The Last Guardian, the newest game by Team Ico

Well that’s certainly find with me. I tend to be more of a right hemispheric person.

Exactly my situation and thought. I’m sure there are many others that are the same.

I have played ICO and SotC, but I don’t own ICO, so I’ll definitely be needing this. The HD upgrade is a nice bonus though =)

I see a trend of Sony starting to re-release old PS2 games for the system. Lets just hope this carries over to them releasing them on the PSN store.

This will make me buy a PS3. With this news, and Scott Pilgrim, I’m finally going to break and invest in a PS3. GG, Sony. It only took you like 3.5 years and a rerelease of 2 PS2 games to do it, haha.


My exact same thoughts…

Never Played Ico, Shadow of the Colossus will look freaking awesome in Hi-Def! Day one purchase also!

I’m definitely hyped for this. day 1 purchase for sure.

I cannot wait. SotC is probably one of my top 10 favorite games/gaming experiences of all time.

It would be sweet if it had Move support. Even if it was just for using the sword to guide you to the next colossus and for using the bow & arrow.

About fucking time. Never played ICO but I absolutely loved SotC. Was just talking about how they needed to re-release SotC in HD with my friends a few days ago…

First HD trailer of the Ico and SOTC collection!

Viddler.com - Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3 trailer - Uploaded by sceablog

I’m one of the few that played and beat Ico but never beat SOTC. I think I killed like 5 colossus and got bored. I actually liked Ico more with the puzzle solving and graphics were amazing when it first came out. I will definitely try SOTC again though when this comes out.