Icons and Titles

Sorry, I searched and didn’t see anything about them. Is there a list of the Titles and Icons? I don’t have an HD tv and can’t make out half of the words on the titles :confused:

Also, does anyone know what those last few spots are on the Icons page? Are they maybe just Icons we can’t get yet (like shadow mode stuff)?

The only list I know of is the one in the BradyGames strategy guide. As for the icons, I think the last six slots are actually blank, unless they add to them with DLC.

Oh, Guess I’ll have to go check that out then. That’s lame, they couldn’t have just made 6 more icons to fill the page up? haha

the BradyGames guide is quite thorough.

As I recall, there are actually resources for a Jill and Shuma Icon, so if anything the empty space is just an indication of them adding more later for DLC characters.