Icons: Combat Arena (wavedash games)


First gameplay trailer:
Open Beta signup: https://icons.gg/

They just raised an additional 6 million in their latest funding round…


So what I’m getting from this is you need to invoke melee and MOBA if you want the big bucks…



So I guess they’re not really indie anymore…

They’re now directly competing with Smash. Even Rivals had to make do with a relatively small amount and knew there was no way they could eclipse Smash.


Of course it’s competing with Smash, but not because of the budget. They said that they want to do with platform fighters what LoL has done for MOBAs. That’s extremely ambitious.

But I’m sure Nintendo had much more than $6 million behind Smash 4’s development and marketing. Saying that $6 million somehow puts them in the same development league as Smash seems like a leap. Nintendo probably spent more than that on just the marketing budget.


I didn’t say anything about their budget, I meant that they’re trying directly to compete with Smash by attempting to make their game the League of Legends of Smash clones. Supposing that they’re successful, they’ll be directly competing with Smash with the LoL-style business model.

And that probably means I’ll want no part of it. I am not at all interested in League.


I’m not against F2P if the game is good enough. I probably spent over $200 in Planetside 2, but that was over the course of years and thousands of hours.


If its anything like the KI model than I won’t have a problem with it.


I mean in order for this to work they’ll have to first and foremost appeal to the competitive community of smash. They already have the support of people due to Project Melee. Now hopefully they’ll know to not just have the game be “Melee HD”, because they’re probably not be able to overtake the melee scene.

Well we don’t know what really this means. I think they mean how Leauge was the first DOTA clone to really take off, as most other clones are small. Wavedash is aiming to be the first big competitive platform fighter that isn’t Smash.


How did they raise the money with nothing to show?


I’m assuming they have a prototype…


I’m pretty sure they had a 1 character build like a couple years ago. I’m assuming at this point they’re probably up to 4-6 characters.


Project M has a lot of credit behind it to start with, and people have known for a long time now that another official “Melee” isn’t going to happen, even if Sakurai is gone or not. Project M was meant for the competive community and it still has a big following, even when it stopped due to a threat of Nintendo and the sudden closure of shop due to fear.


good question, beside of some fancy drawings i havent seen anything gameplay related or even how its might look like ingame.
wouldnt surprise me when nothing worthy comes out of it.


@appomo They’re going to show gameplay soon. If they raised 6 million they definitely have something.


usually it works the other way arround… :stuck_out_tongue:


If they raised 6 million, then it means that they likely have a prototype that they were able to shop around to investors.


maybe…at this point we can just guess.
looking forward to see what came or will come out of it.


Hrm… Looks rough around the edges but the gameplay looks pretty solid.
Open Beta signup: https://icons.gg/
The response is pretty savage so far lol. I hope the devs can take it in stride.


see. looks like trash.
people wouldnt put in 6mil when they had shown this demo/build earlier.


Models don’t look that bad, but the animation is very very very rough and the stages are dull and lifeless. Looks like a bootleg Smash but I don’t know Smash well enough to tell differences apart.


I was gonna give this a chance, but not anymore. This looks dreadful. All the characters are literally just modelswaps of existing Smash Bros. characters, reusing the exact same animations, with nothing new about their playstyles or designs.

It’s the damndest thing. Why do all these fucking people think they can just get away with blatantly stealing animations and designs? This is beyond stupid. First Skullgirls, then Fantasy Strike, and now this. What is wrong with these people’s brains? What is the awful, entitled mentality that makes them think it’s okay to do this?


And I know it’s a subject I keep coming back to, but that fucking title… Icons. It sucks so much.

It’s completely ironic, because there’s nothing memorable or iconic about that name. Or the game itself, for that matter.