iCore stick modding

I’ve already bought an Hori v3 and thought i’d mod my previous crappy (but trusty) icore stick with sanwa parts. but there’s one part that i think is only a dead weight. and has anyone ever opened an icore stick here?



That joystick looks JLF-y. You could prolly just take one and swap it out as long as you don’t use a mounting plate. Buttons look like snap ins but you may have to dremel tabs out (they look 30mm judging by the spacing but may be 28mm). I’d say you’d have better luck replacing the PCB altogether with Chimp/Cthulhu/Dual Strike/anything instead of trying to reuse that PCB. PCB looks like to be common ground but you never know until you test.

Looks like a decent case to mod. Might be a hidden gem.