I'd Like to see a Samurai Showdown HD version


Not that 3D one.


you heard it here first


Last Blade 2 > SamSho


Im sure it’ll happen eventually


Just wait for SNK to go bankrupt again and be bought by Capcom.

That is the only way we will ever get a SNK release with good netcode at this rate.

HD update would only be a plus on the side.


SSV Special HD Remix with GGPO netcode, sign me up.


No thanks! I don’t want SamSho in 3D… oh crap




Hell no! Last blade is full of lame looking characters, and the fighting system is crap on a stick.

Samsho>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Crap blade


And I want a magical talking bus named Forgrar the Undefeated, who is filled with a 100 dollar bills to the brim.

Funny how you can wish for random shit and then post a useless topic about it.


last blade is the coolest looking lame game ever


If they fix the bugs in Samsho 2 and make it HD, it is gonna be the best sword fighting game in history, fuck soul calibur.


I would like to see it too, but it would bankrupt SNK for sure (KoFXII may yet do that, but we’ll hope for the best).

The best bet, IMO, would be to use high-quality cel shaded graphics, and use the portrait artwork from Samurai Shodown Zero Special as a base. They might as well use SS0S’ gameplay as a base as well. It’s the only way to get a new SS game that would look good, play good, not cost a large fortune, and might actually make a profit within a reasonable amount of time.


Sign me up on that too!

They really need to release SSVS on other systems (PS3/360).


If they do flop, Aksys should buy the rights. Capcom would fuck EVERYTHING up.


Last Blade sucks, gtfo. Shit plays like KOF with swords and button mashing infinites. Samurai Shodown is a real weapons fighter.



And What’s wrong with the 3D one?


Looks boring as shit.


2D or 3D, they need to bring back Shiki! :annoy: