I'd like to share this as a thank you to this community


Hello fighting game community! To this forum as a whole I’m just some guy, but people in parts of SoCal know me as the “snc guy”. I worked at a game store for 4 years as an “event manager”.

I planned tournaments and gatherings for gamers in the area. It was my job and I loved it. It started with table top gaming but with the release of Brawl in 2008 expanded into console setups. As the hype for Brawl died out in late 2008 or so the interest rised for Street Fighter 4. We used what we had to have casual sessions during “after hours” at the store where I supervised the store so friends of mine, and eventually the fighting game community, could come and play. Everyone had a great time but due to some unfortunate events we had to stop the “after hours” sessions.

The normal hours were considered a bit too busy to have the crowd there but I said fuck it one day and told the guys to start coming on Friday Nights. It worked out and the owners of the place thought it was so cool that when new changes were coming for the store they made sure it was organized so that an area of the store could fit a crowd of people playing fighting games.

With those new changes though, came some bad news. All of the employees started getting laid off. Me included. That place was my second home and I was feeling pretty horrible about it. But thanks to this community and others’ kind words I bounced back. Ever had that feeling of being truly appreciated? It’s rare sadly but man my close friends and this community sure made it clear that I was appreciated.

I ran many events and welcomed many people into this store in my 4 years there and no other community has shown so much appreciation.

Thanks to the reactions months later I have actually gotten my job back. I started today. People came to see me and welcome me back. I couldn’t believe it. These people are truly awesome.

Big ups to the fighting game community. You guys make this job so satisfying and thanks to the kind words I got my job back.


Hell yeah!

Nothing but love!


Looks like they’ve made the right choice. See you on Saturday!


Why did this thread get only one star? Its a touching thread.

Have no clue who you are Huber, but I’m glad you got your job back though. Its hard out here.


good shit huber, you deserve it :slight_smile:


thank you Fighting Game Community


you’re welcome



congrats huber on the job! met you a few weeks back. my first time going to a meet’n’beat and I was a little nervous. You were the first one to talk to me and it was super cool that you totally made me feel welcome.


That’s awesome man. I think I’ll start going to casuals again.