I'd like YOUR opinion on tournaments

[s]Hello everyone.

Recently I’ve been asking friends about what they like and dislike about tournaments. If you’re reading this, I’d love to get your input as well. So far I’ve gathered these:
[] Waiting too long in-between matches
] Parking is limited
[] Cramped space
] No/not enough casual stations
[*] Tournament ends late

Positives are basically the opposite of that, but if you guys have anything that really stands out (negative or positive) please let me know. Feel free to be descriptive too.

Thanks for reading.[/s]

EDIT: This thread will be removed

They smell like shit?

What I like about tournaments is that they are usually higher stakes, and there is one clear winner. Sometimes second place can get a percentage of the pot, and third can get their money back, but it ultimately makes it more competitive than just a cash game.

What I like about cash games is that they don’t have to last as long, and you can cash out your winnings after one good hand (I know, I know- that’s a pretty dick move and I don’t condone it if you’re playing with friends). I also like that you can buy back in and keep playing if you go out, so you can go all in with less risk. I’ve won some pretty big hands betting big on unsuited 2 and 7 by bluffing out the table, lol. But I’d be less likely to do that in a tournament, unless it was a casual tournament that allowed a buyback.

Both are fun and have their merits, but ultimately I prefer a friendly cash game over a tournament.

Tournament starts late.

Generally there is little incentive for run-of-the-mill players (i.e. not expecting to finish in the money); this partly goes along with not enough casual stations. And add to that generally no casual stations during the actual tournament.

Shit happens.

Hey there, thanks for your input. Although this is more geared towards video game tournaments. There is however a similarity between poker tournaments and video game tournaments.


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The process of a tournament is not okay to be discussed?

I hate doing grappling tournaments where a guy wears gi pants and uses it to leverage on triangles.

I hate doubles ping pong because of the inconsistency

I do like pie eating or hot wing challenges

I hated When i went to a fighting game tourney and it smelled worse than a bjj tourney full of turks

I like tournaments where you win the girl at the end.

Tunamelts are okay but I’m more a tuna salad sandwich guy personally.

the description for general discussion explicitly states that everything pertaining to fighting games should go to fighting game discussion forum instead.

the vast majority of people in GD probably don’t even play fighting games anymore, let alone play the new fighting games or go to tournaments besides evo. they just like the community here.

so if you ignore the warning or are on mobile and can’t see it, and try to talk about SF4 or SF5 you will get chewed out

technically you could say this is about gaming tournaments in general and remind people that there are tournaments for carl of duty, doter2, and lego legends… but we all know that’s not what you were aiming for (casual stations are kind of unique to the FGC)

honestly social media is probably a better place to talk about tournament process.

Thank you for the clarification.