I'd like YOUR opinion on tournaments

Hello everyone.

Recently I’ve been asking friends about what they like and dislike about tournaments. If you’re reading this, I’d love to get your input as well. So far I’ve gathered these:
[] Waiting too long in-between matches
] Parking is limited
[] Cramped space
] No/not enough casual stations
[*] Tournament ends late

Positives are basically the opposite of that, but if you guys have anything that really stands out (negative or positive) please let me know. Feel free to be descriptive too.

Thanks for reading.

what tournaments have you been to, friend?

Plenty. To name a couple; NCR (5 years), SCR (2 years), EVO (3 years), many locals.

i find the xperiences you list were similar to mine when i went to EVO (granted, i went for side tourney MvC2 shit lol)

locals were much better and there were more people i was friends with and had a better time.

Yeah, personally would rather go to a tournament with at least a friend IF in an unfamiliar place with a lot of people I don’t know.
Locals are… rare as hell nowadays for me, compared to almost a decade ago when me and my friends were trying to start stuff up.
And no, haven’t been to anything big-name.

But yeah, my own pet peeve list, besides the tournament ending late or lack of places for casual fighting time, are the naive/scrub-run variety.
Oh, I’m sure the topic maker here Nubb should know what I’m getting at, with the TOs trying to force in ‘house rules’ and such.