I'd love to see Eagle make a return


Let alone any of the original Street Fighter missing Characters. I think Eagle could be awesome though.


Eagle, Karin and Alex, at least.


Wishlist thread?

Necro, Haggar, Maki then.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom added some “extra characters” for the XOne/PS4 edition of Ultra. Probably “Hyper SFIV” is the new game they’re developed with DIMPS. I want my Ultra III!


Pretty sure it’s SF5 what Dimps is working on.

But since they are working together with Capcom now I hope they’ll polish up USF4 a bit. No more poor Onotool-hacks but real coding. Proper gfx effects for Rolento’s Patriot Circles from SFxTK would be a start.
3rd Ultras, additional characters and features like KoF-mode (incl. Ranked matches) for a PS4 version would be the full package.


Honesty I don’t think SF5 is coming so soon. I’d rather expect Darkstalkers 4 or something like that. It was also rumoured they wanted to do a MvC-like game but featuring only Capcom characters.
What I am almost sure about is that USF4 for next gen consoles won’t be a straight port. They have to give some extra incentive for people to be tempted to buy it.



Flagging for spam is literally supposed to be used for spam bots and such, you don’t need to be playing a dumbass flame game just because Jebop considered your post off topic.


Lmao people always do this.

ITT: Alex is the only one I need to see back