IDE and SATA CD/DVD-Drive conflicts?


Kind of an odd issue I’m having here. I have two CD Drives, one IDE and one SATA.
Both drives work just fine, but there are times when my SATA CD/DVD Drive won’t read CD’s very well (well old ones anyways). But always reads DVDs just fine.

But conflict is this:
This has only happen to me with games (Oblivion and Diablo 2 actually). Its kind of rare, but there will be times when I insert the disc in my D drive (the IDE one) and before the game could start up, it gives me and error saying, “There is no disc in the E drive (SATA one), please inert the disk”. I hit cancel or Try Again, and it keeps repeating the message, however when I hit continue it goes straight to the game.

My question is, is this something to be worried about in the near future? Or is this some kind of common issue with IDE and SATA drives (or having two CD/DVD Drives in general).


So wait…you’re saying you insert the disk into your D drive, but your E drive gives you an error? That makes absolutely no sense at all.



It’s like what I said.
I put, lets say the game, inside my D drive. It boots up and I hit “Play”, but before the game could even boot up, it tells me that there is no disc in the E drive.

Other people had this issue with Oblivion, but D2?

I believe when I have both drives with disc, I don’t get this error.
Or so I believe…