IDE to SATA Transfer?

Long story short, my old PC died, so I bought a new one. I planned to use both harddrives, but my old one is IDE while my new PC only supports SATA. Is there an “easy” way to transfer the data from my old harddrive? The onld one was running windows 2000, while the new one runs vista. I’m worried that vista won’t see the partitions properly to make this easy.

Your new PC doesn’t have an IDE connector on the mobo:wonder: Easiest way would be to bother a friend with a PC mobo with both IDE and SATA connections.

If you don’t mind dropping $25 shipped:

As for Vista seeing any partitions you made, my old IDE had two (both XP) and Vista was able to recognize the data.

You can get a hard drive enclosure that can make your old drive into an external HD that can hook up through USB and access it through that.