Idea for a better fighting pad

They should make a fighting pad with a touch pad on the left side instead of a dpad. That way you can do all the moves quickly, easily, and accurately. It’d be much better than a thumb stick or a dpad. The problem with thumb sticks is that they’re too slow for doing quick taps in one direction. And dpads are bad because it’s very hard to do what I call a “roll” move, i.e. where you push down, then diagonal, then right. But I think all these things could be done with a touch pad. Therefore it would have no shortcomings. You could easily do both short taps and rolls with a touch pad. The touch pad should have a small bump in the center so that you can feel where the center is. The fighting pad should have a long cord instead of being wireless. Of course it should also be very ergonomic, unlike PS3 controllers.

Something like this?

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^ Oh fuck! I remember that thing! I had it for the SNES. It sucked really bad. I felt like I wasted $5 buying that thing.

Its why most of us buy sticks.

Hehe, I have that.

FYI: the “touchpad” area isn’t perfectly smooth (like a laptop computer’s touchpad); there are bumps or raised lines to let you know what direction you’re at (I think).

Dude, you don’t realize it now but that just wouldn’t work well. Want to make the ultimate pad? Take the current MadCatz SF4 pad and just replace the d-pad with an SNES or N64 d-pad. Done.

I’m surprised nobody has done it yet. The d-pad is based around simplicity and yet companies have constantly failed to deliver (ex. the 360 controller).

I think it’s because Nintendo has a pretty solid patent on their SNES d-pad which other companies can’t even come close to replicating. Such a shame.

Just make every pad the PS1 pad problem solved. Or be a real man and buy a stick.

The Sony D-Pad is bad, it just happens to be better than the current competition…

Anyone remember this bad boy? Sliding digital thumbstick, similar to the PSP, but with good ol’ clicky clacky microswitches

Except the Original Neo geo pad is god Awful, it’s thumbstick has the same issues the N64 analog stick did.
The Plastic will grind inside, plastic dust gets everywhere then buttons and the thumb stick starts to fail.

Nothing is good old clacky in there, its rubber dones like any other pad.
Its so bad, that the folks of the NEO-GEO forums lovers of all things NEO GEO hates the gamepad, many of them convert SNES or Saturn pads to work on the MVS, AES and NG CD or take notes from us and Build a Stick.

I would suggest 3D Printing pad parts, but 3D printing has only gone so far.

If Sony stops digging a fucking hole in the middle of the d-pad, shit wouldn’t suck so much. SNES had it right: now 20 years later, we ain’t got shit? That’s one of the main reasons I ain’t got consoles.

b15’s switched d-pad on that hybrid stick is interesting.

The sweat from your thumb will render your touchpad inoperable. Even with SF4’s preorder thumb fighter thing. Then it might register 2 inputs at once unintentionally, or can you imagine the guy intentionally keeping a finger on down back?!

So is the next step, using a stylus for more accurate movement and less blistering? Should they affix the stylus permanently to the middle of the touchpad to have only a maximum number of direct movements, eliminating any unnecessary sloppy input ones?

It kinda goes without saying, D-Pads > Ipads. People who play fighting games call “the Roll move” the QCF. There are games where we have a roll movement and games where Roll has moves. You can still use that term to teach someone how to perform special move motions though. It might blow your mind one day when you see the result of combining the roll move with the QCF fireball move and it changes the properties.

It’s the lesser of most of the evils. THe SNES pad was ok but it was too small for my hands. I never was a Genesis pad fan. And I think the hitbox is gay. Then again fighters are more pad friendly nowadays.

Saturn pad or SNES pad or GTFO.

I liked the idea behind this controller. Had one back in the day.


From memory, someone here on SRK posted this back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Unfortunately, no idea who. Whoever it is you’re a damned madman and a genius.

I’m still considering possibly trying to make one for a laugh.

It was not that long ago (2 years ago) and that was a mod done by rtdzign

Must be heavy as hell to hold though. He should’ve just modded the Capcom Pad Soldier on SNES. Pretty comfy and good dpad.