Idea for a Street Fighter Movie


I just thought of a movie, that if executed correctly, will be great.

Its a Street Fighter movie that is based around Yang, who is always overshadowed by Yun, his twin brother. Over the course of their training, Yang is constantly scolded and told to be more like his brother. After he and his brother join the World Tournament, Yun’s outstanding performance completely eclipses Yang’s success. Driven into depression (possibly substance abuse, haven’t decided yet) Yang eventually decides that the only way to stop being compared and overshadowed by his brother he must do the unthinkable: kill Yun.

As an aspiring film student I feel that this is definitely a project worth making. I don’t have the resources to put anything into it atm but I will surely make an effort to make this project a reality in the future.

Any feedback both positive and negative will be appreciated :slight_smile:



Hm, I don;t exactly know what to make of that…