Idea for a video series...hear me out


So while I was losing bp playing SFxT today I had a thought. What if someone made an online series where a person who is a complete scrub (like myself) would train up to try to get better at the game, rather than the pros showing it.

It’s like bit by bit the person learns something after every match, forum post, comments, etc. and tries to apply it to the game he’s playing.



You have…been on Youtube and searched for Street Fighter right?


Last thing we need is another Maximillian
EDIT: or AcidGlow or DSP etc. etc. etc.


A lot of people are already doing this. It’s a good idea in order to document your personal growth, and have the ability to re-watch and showcase your matches, in order to analyse what you did right and wrong during that match, alongside getting some (hopefully) constructive criticism from the community.

Whether or not it becomes popular is a different issue in itself. Plenty of people are already doing this, which will make it difficult for you to stand out amongst the crowd.


Last thing we need is another dude whoring views from the community without new contributions.
Losing is the only way to learn, stop trying to sugarcoat it.


Series’ like the one suggested imo are never productive and here’s why I think so:

What you can do with these vids is look back at your old games and pat yourself on the back for being better than you were. What you can’t do is get better if a pro drops you a couple of pointers.

At low/mid level every player makes so many mistakes that critiqing each game would take an age to complete, after the first (huuuuuge) period of where to start. Even then, the player your critiqing doesn’t have a deep enough understanding to fully appreciate and apply said critique. Meaning whoever spent an age critiqing the vids has most likely done it in vain and it is most often swamped with the wrong opinions of idiots who think they have a valid opinion. Damn internet…


Already been done.


I suppose the alternative would be to simply give a few general pointers, to give them an idea of what they should work on. This is more efficient for the person giving the advice, since they don’t have to spend an eternity combing through a video and pointing out every single mistake that they made every other second.

If they keep on making the same mistakes without any intent to improve, fuck it, stop giving them advice.